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Living-Foods: Personals: Gavin Hamilton

Id Number004500
Date PostedJul 3, 2005
NameGavin Hamilton
LocationRed Deer, Alberta, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
HairWhat hair?.....*wink* - sandy blonde.
Eyesblue or green (depends what color I'm wearing.
OccupationElectrician (Actually that's just a cover. Once i collect all the parts for my space ship.......I'm outta here!)
Description To be honest, I feel caught in between two worlds (no this has nothing to do with the space ship). On one side I feel pulled to investing, pursuing a meaningful career, chasing the dream of a self sufficient home on a wonderful parcel of land, loving family, 2 dogs........ But I wonder is that all an illusion? Can I find a true sense of connection, love, happiness and fulfillment in these things and ideas? Or will I just keep raising the bar and telling myself once I get there life will be complete? On the other side...... Books by The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Dan Millman; the Philosphy behind Yoga, Buddhism all capture this other side. Would I be chasing shadows by following the societal norms? Would my soul and those around me benefit more by practising this side? A mix of both? Would that be true balance? this isn't all I think about but this is what is skipping on my mind at this time and other times. I have no doubt I want to be free of the rat race, eat from nature and be surrounded by it.
HobbiesMountain Biking (This is the big one), Reading about nutrition, spirituality, self-mastery. , Martial Arts (been awhile though), Meaningful and interesting conversation.
Goals My future occupation will be in the natural health field - either as a naturopathic doctor or a doctor of oriental medicine with a nutrition diploma from Alive. As far a life goals I would like to find a balance in my mind to my dilemma touched on in 'Describe Yourself'. I feel what I am missing is a community of like minded people who pursue health, positivity, and spiritual abundance - and I wish to be surrounded by such people. If you really want to know more just ask me if we get to know each other..............and of course on the other hand....I may take off to China and become a Shaolin Monk (who mountain bikes)!
QuoteA beautiful woman is a diamond; a woman of virtue is a treasury!
Ideal Mate Related to wood nymphs, can answer all my questions through her ability to channel straight from The Universal Intelligence, loves me unconditionally..........You know, the Ok.....She will have a glowing smile and sparkling eyes, she will love me fully yet also challenge me within that love, she is active , compassionate, honest, ambitious in what she loves and seeks, healthy, humourous in her own way, AND she would like to have 2 dogs.......
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