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Living-Foods: Personals: cori

Id Number004457
Date PostedMay 26, 2005
Locationbellingham, washington, usa
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Hairstrawberry blond
Eyesblue changing green sumtimes grey
Occupationfull time dreamer current system slave
Descriptioni am undiscriabable i am just me, i luv life and i said a ton about that in the hobbies section, i am a dreamer, i want to save the world, i hav no real life plans at all but to travel and to save the world, the idea of a regular life with the career and the 2.5 children and the white picket fence terrifies me, i want to be free of restraints, i am a lover and a nurtarer, and a terrible speller, i rather take a walk by myself travel to an unknown place or sit at home and read or meditate then go to another drunken college student party, i tell people im 45 though i look 17 and am actually 20, just becuase i feel age and numbers are abritrary, silly sociatal restraits are put on all those things and i see no point in going along with it too much more than i have to, i love life, and people, especially crazy people.. :)
Hobbiesi love to live, walking at night when no one is awake, reading and loving and traveling, and wind, the sun and the moon, trying not to let society or the people playing the parts hurt me too much, avoiding all media, doing cartwheels in the mud, running in the rain and jumping in puddels, music, i love music of so many different kinds,i luv listeing, i luv drums a lot african, i really cant play any instraments but i love those who do, i like alot of classic rock, and the doors are one of my favorites, i like blues a lot as well, and anything really that has a message
Goalsto leave society,to reformat how people look at things, travel the world forget where home is and what that means all together, live out of a backpack with help from whomever, to find kindred spirits,those willing to live life for life and not go day by day acting out the motions, to save the world
Quote(this is from a book)....The dreamers are the saviors of the world. As the visable world is sustained by the invisable, so men, though all their trails and sins and sorid vocations, are nurished by the beautiful visions of the solitary dreams. Humanity cannot forget its dreamers; it cannot let their ideals fade and die; it lines in them; it knows them as the realities which it shall one day see and know. Composer, sculpter, painter, poet.. the world is beautiful becuase they have lived; without them, laboring humanity would perish. CHerish your visions, cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that draoes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow delightful conditions, all heavenly enviroment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will be built. Dream loftey dreams, and as you dream so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your Ideal is the prophecy of what at last unviel.
Ideal Matesome people there is just a spark and you know instantly like someone had stabbed you, that you and this person must be together or maybe hav been together in a past life, a longing so strange after meeting breifly and never speaking a vision of the persons eyes in your mind will keep you up at night, i want to meet the person who thinks this about me as i am thinking the same thing about him... dreamer poet madman, world traveler, cannot comprehend society or all its ristritions, i dont know, seems liek you cannot choose who, therefore cannot choose physical atributes, but if i had to say what the ideal person for me would be physically.. humm 6ft+ mid build, in shape, darkish hair a brown of some sort kind of longer shoulder legth-ish blue eyes or green or brown any eyes beautiful eyes, hippi sort of not caring atire, open beautiful strong, willing to pick up and leave for where ever unknown place at a moments notice,
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