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Living-Foods: Personals: Sheila

Id Number004439
Date PostedMay 10, 2005
LocationFairfax, Va, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 2in.
Hairlight brown
Eyesgrayish green
Occupationstudent for now, later on...home business!
Descriptioni love fruit, animals, and nature. i could just spend the whole day lying on a deserted beach listening to the waves, birds, and rustling of the palm trees. i have changed so much since i went vegan. i am constantly changing, and these days, i want my life to be as simple and unmaterialistic as possible. i don't even want to live in a house. i just want to live outdoors. welll...maybe a TREE house. that would be pretty cool. =) i spend most of my time alone and relaxing in my backyard (or indoors reading or online if it's nasty outside) i wouldn't mind being more social if it was with fellow raw fooders, but because i'm so opinionated, i don't really enjoy the company of anyone who eats my best friends (animals)
Hobbiespiano, yoga/stretching, wilderness exploring, sunbathing, hiking, foraging, fasting (is that a hobby??) eating delicious fruits: cherimoyas, coconuts, avocado, papayas, mangos, figs...
GoalsWhen I finish school (which i'm only doing for fun, it has nothing to do with my career path) I'd like to move to someplace warm and tropical as quickly as possible where the coconuts grow wild, and what doesn't grow wild, i will plant, which is all the foods i mentioned that i love! once i'm in a relaxing tropical paradise, i think i'll be set. any maybe some home internet business to make some money so i can do some traveling to other tropical paradises.
Quoteonly eat what looks, smells, and tastes absolutely delicious in it's 100% natural state.
Ideal Matesomeone who cares about his health as much as i care about mine. he wants to move to a tropical paradise with me when he's ready to settle down. and one of the most important things besides loving animals, nature, and his health...treating me like i'm someone special
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