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Living-Foods: Personals: Diana

Id Number004418
Date PostedApr 26, 2005
LocationKihei, HI, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
Occupationfinal construction cleaning
DescriptionYesterday,april 24 I did a 50 km bicycle ride and climbed ,and climbed and climbed wow! what a great feeling.I love to be passionate in what I am doing. OH! by the way ,I'm french canadian mean excuse my english, thank's! My life have to be balance and fun, I'm working toward this goal slowly everyday. I learn to leave in the now and be very patience...this is a hard one because I'm very pro-active but don't worry I like to relax and I love to stay still and let life guide me. I'm not to social and I think I become a little bit anti-society. I just love to be surrounded by the beauty of the nature and listen.
HobbiesFor the next two years my main hobby will be to regain my physical,mental and spiritual health through new life style, diet,training and awareness. I love everything that is creative.I'm just open to learn. OK, my ultimate hobby is bicycling.
GoalsShort: pay my debt and renovated my new house to create a nice base camp for the family. Medium: - Organise my business to have more free time with the kids and plan short trip like visit national parks in camper with the bikes in the back and the canoe on the roof. - Trained seriously for sport event. My ultimate dream is to participate in international competition. - Visit my own island of Maui. -Enjoy life more and more and continue to pray for a healthy man with a nice smile :) Long term: be financially succesful and retire of working hard at age 45. -Realise 75% of my idees since I'm a kid. -oh! I forgot, bought land in the canadians rockies and continu to be in paradise. Thank you for your time have a great life! Diana
Quote"life is beautiful" and relationship should be harmonious and uplifting.
Ideal MateOK, now it's the moment of thruth ??? Physically: Tall, athletic and nice smile Personnality: Aware,responsable,creative,life purpose driven, fun,positive.."not in the box"... Spiritual: religion free, guide by inner voice and sign but grounded. Keep faith in what can't be explain. OK , right now my ideal mate is a cyclist who love family life. Houp! yes, there is a lot of kids in the trailer, surprise!
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