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Id Number004384
Date PostedApr 3, 2005
LocationPortland, Oregon, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
Hairdrk blonde
OccupationSpiritual teacher
Description"Assert Without Ego What You Are..." Evolutionary Warrior for the Universal "shift of ages", Alchemist, Way Shower, Chaos Walker, Time Shifter, Energy/Vision Steward, Shape-Changer, Systems Buster for Living Harmonic Defiance, Conscious Intention Grand Master. Have spent the last 55 years discovering ways to integrate spiritual remembering with being human. My life is a living walk of the principles I teach & the insights gained through challenges to "stay spiritually awake" as a human in a world that seldom supports Spiritual Consciousness. "For me, spiritual "awakening" has never been the greatest challenge. The challenge has been learning to live in a physical body & exist safely, sanely & successfully in a world which gives lip service to spiritual concepts but as tools of material control & power. ALL children come in with few spiritual here creates them. We are changing that." Remembering other realms, times & spaces and interacting with them consciously from birth, while being at the same time fully present and honoring this human existence, has been my life path. During this journey, I have been gifted and honored with spirit names from many traditions: "Woman-Without-Tears, Ing, HAR, Beautiful Warrior, Red Planetary Dragon, Star Walker..." All of these reflect my commitment to live as a human remembering my own Grand Mastership while modeling possible choices for new paradigms. I Intend that I AM Peace... I Intend that I AM Clarity... I Intend that I AM Love.... I Intend that I AM Prosperity... I Intend that I AM Service... I Intend that I AM Joy... I Intend that I AM Universal Evolution...
HobbiesLiving Life, enjoying my animal companions, my family of choice, my children/grandchildren, reading, music, theatre, nature, just about anything that involves wathching or meeting people.
GoalsTo continue to listen to the Universe & to continue to do what I hear. To finally have a camp in place that can be for nonprofit groups like the International Raw Food Movement.
Quote“Intention is choice with commitment.” "The important thing is to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you can become."
Ideal MateFlexible in their thinking. Couragous in their willingness to follow their soul path. Intelligent with "common sense" Sense of humor that does not feed on "harm to others" Willingness to put personal growth & soul commitments first in their lives. Willingness to stay healthy for the next 500 or so years through raw foods, breath, water, exercise, meditation, etc. Desire to live abundantly & give back to the world
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