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Living-Foods: Personals: Patricia Small

Id Number004329
Date PostedFeb 15, 2005
NamePatricia Small
LocationLargo, FL, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
Occupationmedical transcriptionist
Description Just turned 60, want to live to well past 100. I believe we can do it living raw and holding fast to Christ's teachings. Those long-lived patriarchs weren't put in the Book of Genesis just to look good, but I believe as an inspiration to us! Raw was the first God-given diet of man. It still can be done especially with the machines available to us - blenders, food processors, juicers - these all impart living enzymes like the Bible and the Church impart the Living Word. I'm all hyped up on this and probably will be until I go to my grave with a couple of spinach leaves between my teeth! Seriously, though I'm just a woman looking for a compatible mate for fun and outings. Interested in in line skating (learning to turn backwards this week), swimming (breast stroke in chlorinated pools), biking (gotta get me an all-terrain front-wheel suspension for them thar hills when I go travelling back to Canada, etc.), the Y (working out), and now a new thing - belly dancing. Oh! and I didn't mention camping out under the stars, nature hikes, etc. Got my picture? No cooking - I un-cook though - some nice stuff you wouldn't believe - when I'm not transcribing medical surgery reports at home. I'm a home-body but love the wide outdoors and so does my dog, Patch. I feel young (which I am at heart) and pretty (which I am, my friends tell me). Can also play piano - received a performer's degree way back in '65 - and like most kinds of music, especially classical and jazz. Would like to visit some health spas in the U.S.A. travelling by RV and return to Canada to visit in the summer months (Beautiful British Columbia - Okanagan Valley) and other beauty spots of America. So be it for long-term loving relationship or a lively friendship with someone who loves life and the Lord, drop me a line.
Hobbiesinline skating, belly dancing, keeping fit at the Y, improving my piano skills, reading.
Goals Biking and skating in different parts of the Americas, travel, seeing new places and meeting new friends; staying on raw and becoming more adept in making tasty raw food dishes and treats, filling my life with music and my heart with loving thoughts, never giving up, helping others to never give up either!
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Ideal Mate My Mr. Right must first love the Lord Jesus. He must have a strong personality, but well tempered with true caring and gentleness. He should love animals (all of God's creatures). He would be energetic and enjoy working out. He should have a good sense of humor. He would also be financially secure and mature in his self image. He should get excited about things he is interested in - enthusiasm is catching. He would be proud to take his soul mate out to dinner now and then (even if she does eat only salads) - try a raw food restaurant now and then or Sweet Tomatoes (here in Florida). He should not be afraid of trying new healthy foods if only for the sake of adventure. He should be adventuresome and love the outdoors, camping, biking, etc. It would be nice if he could skate but that's not necessary. He should be between the age of 55 and 70, love music, be romantic, and be young at heart. He should want to travel at least occasionally, visiting new places, doing new and different things together with his soul mate. And when the new wears off, he should commit himself to keep on loving the one who loves him and showing signs that he does love her (and she him) still, so that the flame of romance never dies and the bond of friendship never breaks even after death.
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