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Id Number004238
Date PostedDec 4, 2004
NameCeleb Status
LocationToronto, Ontario, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
OccupationStudent (Hip-Hop Producer)
DescriptionDude, I'd say I'm a cool kid, I'm really polite, I love to be crazy, definately a winner, sucessfull, trendsetter, original, Baha'i, I really ideal would like to rock a polo with an orange colar and a white front with like the top 3 button part be blue, you'd have to see it, with some Dunnits and some cargo shorts. I personally am tan, half egyptian half Canadian but I don't want to say half egyptian because I really act like a Californian, thats ideally where I want to be within the next little bit. I would seem gay but in a cool way because I like to shop and I connect best with women. I'm not into cars and stuff, i'm really sensitive, I'm just into things that really hit me hard. People, like I can see when a girl has something special about her and I have really special tastes in all art. The music I like is like the Wiseguys, the Herbaliser, Prodigy, Les Rythmes Digitales, and Air. Some of the movies I like are like, I really like my childhood so its like Mighty Ducks, Rookie of the Year, Home alone, but also from later in life like Rushmore, Jackie Brown, Half Baked and Resevoir Dogs. I really feel like a celebrity so I love it when I hang out with other people that make me feel like i'm in a movie. Like when I hang out with my best friends I feel like we're in a movie or somthing its a dope feeling.
HobbiesMaking music, hopefully getting to a point where I eat healthy, laughing, movies, exercise, shopping, nice restaurants.
GoalsI like to keep them a secret. *kisses* Peace out y'all. -Balsam Etheridge
Quote"An adult is a child who has more ethics and morals. That's all" - Shigeru Miyamoto(who designed the Super Mario games)
Ideal MateI want an artist. I have a list hold on...I'm really not looking for anyone to bang really, I'm wanting a cool person to hang with alright... attractive, clean, can exercise with, can persuit God with, can eat healthy with, artistic, comes from a good family, fun, random, a female version of my best friends (which sounds gay) but that'd be dope. Man, for real I like all kinds of people as long as they remind me of someone I could see in a movie. Like the teen movies and the 80's John Hughes movies like Prety in Pink, Ferris Buelers day off, 16 Candles...
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