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Living-Foods: Personals: Alan Mason

Id Number004233
Date PostedNov 30, 2004
NameAlan Mason
LocationPortland, OR, US
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
Occupationstudent of life & programmer
DescriptionI am not interested in mindless chatter, materialism, power, or planning big new things. I am interested in the past (learning about it and from it), speaking when I actually have something to say, living cheap and in the shadows, while maintaining some kind of link to the people around me. I am first a desciple of Christ, second a man who makes mistakes. Also my friends would all add I'm gay, but with no small possibility of going straight pretty soon. i'd like to get up to 95% raw food intake.
Hobbieswhatever i happen to be doing at the time. after i learn something, i usually move on. the only exception is studying the Bible - i just don't stop learning no matter how many times i read it. i am particularly interested in learning how to live and about health and healing others, new languages, history, travel, sailing, all kinds of art, communication with others, etc.
Quotebetter to think thoroughly through the present and upcoming choices in an effort to always choose good, than to create scads more with plans, schemes and material goods, thinking very little about any of them.
Ideal MateSomeone who is about as mature as I am and willing to mature with me for the rest of our unconventional lives. someone who laughs at the world around them.... and crys.
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