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Living-Foods: Personals: Ray

Id Number004171
Date PostedOct 11, 2004
LocationRio Claro, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
DescriptionI am an individualist/ nonconformist, yet basically a person one can very easy get along with. Living in germany I was a political/ethical activist involved in different scences, which are dealing with: animal/earth liberation, veganism, antiracism, antipatriarchism, squatting houses... I did run an informationstand and organist (benefit)concerts/ festivals. This time taught me a lot about people and the necessity to take care and liberate Mother Earth and her human and nonhuma inhabitants. My empathy for the oppressed ones grew constantly and I became more conscious of the world of spirituality. I realist that it is not only necessary to fight against something- that includes the own evil in myself, too- but most important is to live my ideals with a positiv attitude toward the society and nature. Now I am living in Costa Rica on a 125 acre farm. I am designing my environment according to permaculture/ Forest Gardening philosophies. A wide range of fruits and mainly edible plants provides me to be selfsufficient and almost subsistent. I found my calling here and friends and neighbors of mine and me are running a Retreat& Educational project on our farms. We offer teaching/learning Permac./ Forest gardening, simple natural living, rawfoodism, veganism, selfsufficiency, tŠi chi, deep ecology, bioregionalism...
HobbiesApart from salsa/ merenge I basically like all kind of music, I love to climb fruittrees, writing, reading, good conversations, visiting other permac. farms, taoism, indigeneous spirituality, tŠi chi, meditation, nature...
GoalsLiving in a community or collectiv of like-minded folks, Durianforest, purchase land nearby caves and waterfalls, liberation of all living beings for all that is living is holy, Nirvana.
Quote"give me the poverty that enjoys true wealth" H.D. Thoreau
Ideal MateSomeone who loves nature and is able to enjoy a simple lifestyle which extracts the essence of live. Someone who is vegan/rawfoodist ( or on the path) and likes a sense of black/sarcastic humor a la `Monty pythonī, spiritual open minded... and you ought to be willing improve my poor english.
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