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Living-Foods: Personals: Megs

Id Number004136
Date PostedSep 28, 2004
LocationFort Collins, Colorado, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
OccupationStudent/writer/future anthropologist
DescriptionSince being in the field of anthropology isn't exactly lucrative, and since in every movie Hollywood has ever made about anthropologists/archaeologists makes them black hearted villains out to conquer the world, I've decided to go that route. It seems more lucrative. If TV and movies suggest it, after all, it must be right. Why would a TV lie to a person? Besides that nefarious plan, I spend a lot of time studying, running around town, going to cultural events (I write for a local paper, so I go out a lot to various shows, events, etc.) I tend to get into crazy situations and outrageous adventures everywhere I go, and it's well-advised that only those not easily embarrassed (and probably without any outstanding warrants...) run around with me. Watching the Simpsons is a religious activity, and Homer Simpson is my hero in life. "So they have the internet on computers now?" I once bought a rug just to say "it really tied the room together." I also hate zombies. HATE zombies. Nothing is more terrifying. Of all the things in the world, I fear zombies most, and probably corregated metal a close second. Can I explain it? No. But as fears go, it's much easier to live with a crippling fear of zombies rather than a reasonable fear of something like snakes or bees or crowded places. Yes, I'm sarcastic and nearly always laughing, but I like to think I'm a pretty fun and warm person. I'm a fiercely devoted and supportive friend if nothing else, and my boundless energy will keep you on your toes.
HobbiesYoga, dancing!, writing, running, exercise of all kinds, fighting for causes, non-profit work, animal rights, film
GoalsTo become a real life anthropologist, working with different culture groups and learning about our world. To travel, travel, travel! I'd love to see the Entire world, but I suppose I'll be mildly satisfied with seeing a sizable chunk of it. To keep learning throughout life. To enjoy friends, good music, and good times.
Quote"SO they have the internet on computers now?" --Homer Simpson. "It CAME from space- you don't own space so stop acting like you do!" --Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. "Rock, Rock On!"--Cheat Commandos, Homestar Runner
Ideal MateIf you're a fellow who likes to make outrageous claims, like "I invented quotation marks" or can talk your way out of trouble, you're someone I want on my team. Adventurous guys (be warned: I take off to travel at the drop of a hat...) who are willing to meet new people and experience new cultures are a plus in my book. Yoga afficianados and those with an appreciation for music, arts and learning extra points.
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