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Living-Foods: Personals: Casey

Id Number004122
Date PostedSep 20, 2004
LocationChandler, Arizona, United States
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
DescriptionI am white. Very, very white. Gothy looking. Long black hair cut in a Bettie Page style bob. Big, expressive brown eyes and pouty lips. I'm an attractive, yet mysterious Libra. I enjoy wearing high heels and stockings with seams up the back. And red lipstick. I am a LaVeyan Satanist. I'm an aspiring fetish model and a makeup artist. I'm getting some pretty extensive tattoo work done right now, I like tattoos. I am thoughtful and very very understanding. I usually show my love for people by doing things for them or serving them in some way. This seems to get me taken advantage of rather often, so I'm trying to find other ways to express my affections. But express them I do, I'm very openly affectionate toward loved ones. I enjoy sex almost as much as pot. I'm goofy and silly, but also can be cynical and dry-witted. I enjoy conversation very much with those who can keep up, not everyone can. I am both smart (books) and intelligent (perceptions) and I just really like myself. If I was someone else, I would like me.
HobbiesI don't like the word hobbies. It makes me think of something they force you to do if you were in rehab or something. Not like something you want to do, or that you enjoy. Having said that, I enjoy boys, girls, reading horror novels, nonfiction, and other assorted stuff (Tom Robbins, Terry Goodkind, Piers Anthony) I enjoy movies, mostly of two sorts 1) Really impressive horror films with really fancy special effects, or 2) Really bad cheesy B-movie horror films with lots of fake guts. Lucio Fulci, Tom Savini... I enjoy looking at art and I enjoy making art even more. I am a lover of music, but very specific. I enjoy classic rock ie: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eagles etc, and I like satanic Black Metal. Also a lot of classical music, especially opera. I have had 6 or 7 years of vocal training, two of those years I took private Operatic Voice lessons. I haven't traveled a whole lot in my life, but it is definately a goal of mine. If it wasn't so damn hot outside here, maybe I'd spend more time outside. And, possibly most importantly, I love marijuana. It is my favorite hobby.
Ideal MateMy ideal mate... wow. That's a tough one. Well, they're either a boy or a girl. I'm more into boys lately, but that often fluctuates. They will be a Satanist or an athiest or Pagan in some way. If they are a girl, they should be soft and marshmallowy. Not all muscular. Nor overweight, but should be cushy. Have style. The whole "I'll wear whatever's clean" thing doesn't work for girlies. Do your hair, do your makeup, be attractive, be impressive, and be FEMALE! The female form is one of the most beautiful forms on this planet, do not waste it by neglecting it. If you're a BOY!! You must be taller than I. (5'7") You must be larger of build than I. (Not difficult, as I am on the small side) You must have long hair, or unique hair in some way. Style is important. I love the long black dyed-hair of Black Metal boys. I want my men to be MANLY. I want them to take care of me. You should have a job, a vehicle, and the ability and desire to take me out and show me off, because I make quite a lovely trophy when I choose to. My mate, either gender, can have as much or as little extra bodily adornment as they wish, but I love tattoos and piercings and scars and such. Talents, inquisitive minds, lovers of beauty and balance. Also my mate must live within the dark side of life and appriciate my very very dark aesthetic. I want an individual who can teach me about their loves and who is eager to learn about mine. Similar hobbies and tastes in music would be nice, but life is all about learning new things, so I'm open to that, too.
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