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Living-Foods: Personals: Gabrielle Loomis

Id Number004103
Date PostedSep 10, 2004
NameGabrielle Loomis
LocationChicago, IL, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
OccupationLegal Secretary
DescriptionI enjoy being healthy and try to lead a peaceful and conscientious existence. But I also like to just have fun!! I enjoy traveling and experiencing other places and cultures. Creativity is a big part of my life - whether I'm participating or as a spectator: music, movies, theater, dance, writing. I love nature and romance and spending time with my family and friends. I'm going back to school to be a teacher so kids are really important to me. I would like a family of my own someday (clocks starting to pick up speed!) I also want to eventually move to the West coast and be closer to my family. I consider myself to be deep, thoughtful and spiritual but definitely have a goofy side. I have many facets to my personality and am passionate about my interests and pursuits. I'm caring, compassionate, and kind. I love deeply and loyally.
HobbiesI love to be active and outdoors: biking, swimming, running, camping, walking the dog, yoga, reading, hanging out with friends.
GoalsBecome a teacher; move to the west coast; have a family; increase my living food intake; continue to heal my mind, body and spirit; live life to its fullest
QuoteFrom my teabag this morning: If you cannot see good in all, you cannot see good at all.
Ideal MateOkay, see if this fits you...You are a mature and self assured guy who doesn't take yourself too seriously!! A sense of humor is a must!! You care about your health and well being and live your life consciously. You love the outdoors and will try anything once. You have a faith (whatever it may be) which brings you peace and comfort. You donít mind talking about our relationship when needed, but donít spend too much time analyzing everything. You have friends that you cherish and who keep you humble and real. You want to travel the world and have a family. Is that asking too much??? I donít think so Ė youíre out there and youíve been waiting for me, just as Iíve been waiting for you. Weíll have a true partnership - soul mates to love and share in this journey.
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