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Living-Foods: Personals: Lara

Id Number004019
Date PostedJul 25, 2004
LocationWarsaw, IN, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
OccupationStudent - Engineering
DescriptionI currently purchased some land in the woods and am very excited about creating a habitat for my existence. I love to read, cook, and be outdoors. I love making people laugh, but I'm a little shy at first. I took the myer's briggs a while back and it said INTP. I am very open and love to learn why things work and why people think a certain way about things. As long as their is a good explanation for anything I'm happy. That's probably why I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer. I love mathematics and physics which leads me to know why everything works. For example if I didn't know why someone would use a wrench I would use it as a paper weight. Basically everything has worth, but their worth is yet to be discovered and that worth only gets better as time goes on. I desire one day to not know what time it is and only know what needs to be done by looking at the sun and the moon.
Hobbiesreading, running, the outdoors, earth homes, sustainable living, animals, improving
GoalsTo have a mechanical engineering career at an orthopaedic facility. To retire early and live off the land in a sustainable home. To not have the need for a clock or watch.
Ideal MateI am polyamorous and am looking for anything from friendship to something deeper. Everyone is different and I'm not picky as long as I can have a meaningful conversation with you, you are a friend.
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