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Living-Foods: Personals: Bob

Id Number003982
Date PostedJul 4, 2004
LocationProvo, UT, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
OccupationChemical Engineer
DescriptionI love life, my family, health, and freedom. I have a BS in Chemical Engineering from Brigham Young University. I have lived mostly in Utah, but also in Illinois, Louisiana, and Nevada. I was married for ten years then divorced. I have one 8 year old son.
HobbiesI enjoy physically active hobbies such as hiking, swimming, and biking. I also enjoy working with my hands repairing homes or gardening. I am always trying to learn new things and am interested in history, current events, foreign languages, and edible wild plants.
Goals1. To marry and have children. 2. To be self employed. 3. To have a small farm where I can be self sufficient and provide work for my children. 4. To continue to learn. 5. To serve others (I would especially like to be a missionary in a foreign country one day).
Quote"Every noble impulse, every unselfish expression of love, every brave suffering for the right; every surrender of self to something higher than self; every loyalty to an ideal; every unselfish devotion to principle; every helpfulness to humanity; every act of self-control; every fine courage of the soul, undefeated by pretence or policy, but by being, doing, and living of good for the very good’s sake - that is spirituality.... Spirituality, our true aim, is the consciousness of victory over self and of communion with the Infinite. Spirituality impels one to conquer difficulties and acquire more and more strength. To feel one’s faculties unfolding and truth expanding in the soul is one of life’s sublimest experiences." David O. McKay, Man May Know for Himself, p.72
Ideal Mate1. Willing to have children and work hard to raise them. 2. Spiritual. 3. Self disciplined. 4. Good health habits. 5. Hard working. 6. Physically and mentally active. 7. Dedicated to service more than just acquiring possessions. 8. Kind and not critical of others.
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