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Living-Foods: Personals: Thomas Hoyle

Id Number003965
Date PostedJun 25, 2004
NameThomas Hoyle
LocationPeachtree City, Georgia, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Hairshort brown
Occupationjeweler and organic farmer
DescriptionI'd be discribed as having a very positive outlook, yet very still or mystic. I love the country and am working as a jeweler to afford the an 8 acre farm on which I'll grow my trees and veggies. I caught reggae fever as a youth and the vibe is progressing now with more mature momentum. I am a Eagle Scout and live by the morals of truth and honesty. I like the quiet life and though I grew up in inner city atlanta I've now grown a distaste for the concrete jungle. All in all I'm very laid-back, chill and earthy. Just the same I can be explosive on the field. Im not quick to judge, and I fight the convictions that do come to mind when they come. Im more directed at feeling the spiritual essence of life than worring about or being preoccupied with hassles.
HobbiesMy hobbies include raising over 1000 Bonsai trees, developing and organic veggie farm, music and soccer. I play guitar, mandolin, trumpet, and flut. On the field I play center mid.
GoalsProsper in organic farming, grow, raise children, buy a larger piece of land in Central America (Costa Rica) grow pineapples, avocados, mangoes, nuts, and everything else I love to eat. Sell my Bonsai trees later in life, have a legacy.
QuoteIf you believe in heaven, can bring it here between us, then we can share it as we grow and know truth, peace and love and livity.
Ideal MateIm progressing the farm for many reasons; to provide food for myself and others, to create beauty and as well to have a sound environment to raise children. For that my ideal women would need that kind of outlook. I know that's kind of hard to look at when for me friendship is a key start, but its something to know. She would need to be grounded. I worked in a raw foods cafe once and the people were all three feet off the ground. I need someone with decent common sence. Buisness smarts, problem solving and resourcefullness are big +'s. I am fond of beauty, the funny thing about raw diet is that it creates beauty in people. For that Im not to picky as I know the diet and lifestyle leads to light radiance. My Ideal mate, and this I might have placed earlier, should believe in heaven and G-d , in at least the level they attain to. These denominations, religions and seperations I can do without, but the faith is all important to InI. Lastly my ideal mate would be patient, and less attatched to materials than she was as a youth. I guess all that Ive really said is that she should be in the process of refinement of nature. I hope that all these attributes don'd deter a relashionship, Life allow for so much growth.
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