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Living-Foods: Personals: Christopher Morro

Id Number003954
Date PostedJun 18, 2004
NameChristopher Morro
LocationLos Angeles, C.A., U.S.
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
Occupationsales, writer, childcare
DescriptionI am a very easy going, down to earth person. I enjoy all types of people and am fascinated with human nature. I would however like to surround myself with more like minded people who have made raw a way of life. It has had a profound effect on my life on many levels. I love to laugh and am often wearing a smile. Many people say I have smiling eyes. I love the simple things in life and enjoy meaningful and engaging conversation. I am not much for small talk. I am full of life and am just looking for someone to share it with me.
HobbiesMy hobbies include leading an Indian style of chanting called kirtan. I do this with groups and for yoga classes. I also have a daily meditation practice. I am working on several screenplays and write songs as well. I also enjoy reading books about the Hindu myths and the lives of different saints.
GoalsI would love to travel to many places while sharing my music with a diverse group of souls. I would also like to bring several spritual stories to the big screen. (It looks like a strong possibility). And I would like to spread the word of a raw way of living.
QuoteLose your vision and let life be life. It's exausting to fight what already is. Live your bliss.
Ideal MateI am looking for someone with a warm heart who is down to earth. Someone who would love to stay in and prepare a raw meal with me, maybe even someone who could show me a few tricks. (In the kitchen I mean). I am also looking for someone who is a spiritual seeker and enjoys chanting and other spiritual activities. I also like someone who has a strong sense of self, speaks with honesty and is a good communicator. I am open to a wide age range as many souls who connect are not always the same material age.
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