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Living-Foods: Personals: King Yobarian

Id Number003920
Date PostedMay 29, 2004
NameKing Yobarian
LocationSanta Cruz, California, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Hairtree trunk/branches brown
Eyesclear blue sky
OccupationSuperAmazingGloriousWonderfulMarvelousHu,mbleGreatSageKingYo! Angel-Saint. Divine Messenger. SpiritualSuper-Hero. Overseer of Charitable "islove". Limitless Godly Servant of/for Good
Description 831-425-3334 and more when you email me and call me 831-425-3334 * and visit me coastal California or we be travel companions. pure vegan sans doemstic-animals, eschewing drugs/alcohol/smoking. ethical, good moral character. virtuous as Angel-Saint. to know me and understand me, choose all your many favorite saints and saviours and christs and buddhas and bodhisatvas and spiritual super-heroes and read all about them and take in their story via various media forms whetehr it be story-telling under the camping stars in natures freedom, or theatre plays or movies etc. Read their holy scriptures eclecticaslly from all good traditions ethically good. and know that i am. and then let me help you learn how to become that also. for example i help people learn about the present SATGURU SANT THAKAR SINGH who freely gives the inner conenction to inner sound and inner light for soul liberation, spiritual enlightenment, the whole fresh raw organic stem ripened fruit salad ! or green leafy salad as the case may be. the whole vegan enchilada! high as the sky and wide as the ocean, and more amor por favor, is my heart and soul and spirit and imagination to co-create a fine reality so heavenly and paradise on earth and beyond.
Hobbies 831-425-3334. We share more info together when you email me i am willing to guide 8 billion souls to enlightenment even tho i only need one unique young-woman as my personal companion "ideal mate". so i am willing to communicate with any sisters and brothers who are safely gentle and virtuous worthy of my innocent trust. we can co-operate to co-create pure vegan ecovillages in every county, state, province, country world wide. limitless enlgihtened spiritual wisdom to guide myriad creative charitbsale service to earth beings and eternal souls.
Goalsunite with companion "holy dream girl" the number one most awesome sacred pure and holy spiritual young-woman partner in the entire universe. {don't be intimidated, if you are humble and receptive, i can train you and educate you fully unto qualified compatibility}. be travel companions exploring and adventuring, then settle to pioneer pure vegan ecovillages, and/or some of both travelling and pioneering. maybe write children books. maybe parent the future saints and saviours. we can co-mingle our ideas and commune toegther about all possibilities unlimited. simply do good, and simply Be the divine Presence on Earth and Beyond. Share these limitless spiritual pilgrimamges and spiritual journey of soul as human on earth with pure gentle virtuous angel-saint holy woman who has respect, honor, Love.
Quotesacred pure and healthy holy way of life vegan sans doemstic-animals eschewing drugs/alcohol/smoking, trustworthy sans lie-cheat-steal-thievery, gentle sans violence/threats-of-violence, yes to peace, loving-kindness, freedom to exist camp sleep on earth and do good deeds creatively. this is simple formula for world peace and fulfillment of all humans wholsitic and spiritual potentialities! ~ King Yobarian *
Ideal Mate calls me 831-425-3334. emails me to read my autoreply and be communicative and open-hearted open-minded, correspond, befriend. trusting thus travels to meet me in person and/or invites me to her home for a 4 week visit to befreind in person the good ol' fashion' way. prefer befriending pure vegan/veg sans doemstic-animals, eschewing drugs/alcohol/smoking. virtuous as Angel-Saint. prefer equal soul to me, however, willing to share knowledge and website links to enlighten others anyway, if they are at least open to learn and grow. Respectful, kind, loving, honoring and honorable, virtuous, angelic, saintly, divinely sublime, rarified and refined. spiritual. humble receptivity to my divine guidance will suffice. willingness to learn and grow and become true higher self and then BE the Divine sacred pure and Holy Princess Goddess Queen to match myself Humble Great Sage King Yo * She ought to be capable of extraordinary intimacy, affections, warmth, Love. co-operative as dynamic duo, romantically faithful and loyal as true friend.
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