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Living-Foods: Personals: Manuel Mejia

Id Number003905
Date PostedMay 21, 2004
NameManuel Mejia
LocationSebastopol, CA, United States
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 3in.
Occupationteacher of bicycle mechanic, sculptor of interactive multimedia
Descriptiongood, simple, and complete. a playfull baby. unsure, experimental, and happy go lucky. a clumsy boy. determined, creative, and intense. an energetic man. quiet, easey, and clear. a flexible wise one. all are me at any time.
Hobbiestaking it easey, living simply, eating simply, smiling, honesty, relaxing, sculpting sound, playing didjeridu, playing it loud, natural science, vibratory paterns, visualising vortices and toroids everyday, color pencil drawing, animation, photography, interactive art, bicycle touring and commuting, burnin veggies WITH my car, black rock city, teaching, simple yoga with friends, durian by the campfire, camping out in my backyard, camping out in your back yard, .... you name it
GoalsI used to think I could set and reach goals, but I'm not half as much in control of the future as anyone thinks I am. So now I practice accepting truths. I state passions and dreams. I pray. I havn't traveled yet. I'm thinking a lot about traveling the world (bit by bit) with the freedom of a folding bicycle. I hope to do so soon. I'd like to travel with company. Fresh, ripe, raw, whole, organic fruits and vegetables, are the cleanest fuel for my body. I have a passion for healthy living. I'm thankful to nurture this passion. I passionatly observe the natural processes around me. I've a hope to communicate to a needy people the beautey of paterns applied from nature. I dream of teaching this in many ways. I hope to grow an intimate relationship with another passionate soul. I pray to nurture flexibility in all aspects of life.
QuoteSound Sculpting is my making of life. Sound is a range in the spectrum of "energy that influences matter", and, Sculpting is the intentional shaping of matter. So, as a Sound Sculptor I am Shaping with intention the energies that move matter.
Ideal Mateany of the above would be great. not all, cause we gotta play. but at least a baby, a girl, a woman and a wise one. my ideal mate shares love with me. Together we swim the many waters of healthfull living.
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