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Living-Foods: Personals: Frank

Id Number003880
Date PostedMay 10, 2004
LocationBerlin, Berlin, Germany
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
DescriptionDear Angel, Thank you for your interest in my advertisement! I would like to say something about myself so that you can get a better idea of what kind of person I am. I am a nonsmoker, donít drink alcohol, detest cigarette smoke, perfumes and joss-sticks and have been a vegetarian raw eater for many years. I also practise Hatha joga and meditation. I donít have direct ties to any special religion but am familiar with Buddhism and Christianity. I enjoy joking and laughing and love inspiring discussions. I am not only communicative but also a good listener. My strengths are that I have a fighting spirit, am open and can be a very sensitive person who feels deeply . I like nature, clean air, pure water and delicious fruits and am very domesticated. Especially during my youth I was very interested in natural sciences, philosophy, literature and art. Nowadays I work mainly as a writer and am myself a publisher. (I have written several articles on various health issues, which have been published in magazines in Germany and abroad. In addition I have written three books in German. Many media in this and other countries have also reported on me and my work several times.) I still live in Berlin, but Iím mobile and ready to emigrate, preferably to an English-speaking country.
HobbiesYoga, Meditation, Literature, Music, Art,..
GoalsMy goal is to emigrate to a country when I can feel at home and which offers good protection for nonsmokers.
QuoteďAnyone who makes constant efforts can be saved.Ē (Goethe: Faust)
Ideal MateI am looking for a (girl-)friend who is health-conscious like me and also financially successful, generous, caring, honest, faithful and warm-hearted. She must be able and willing to give me a new home. I work from home as a writer and in addition I can also make delicious raw food dishes for you, teach you yoga and give you empathetic massages, so that you can feel well and concentrate mainly on your job, thus making it possible for me to fulfill my calling free of financial restraints. In principle, I could also imagine running a business of our own together. I am convinced that men and women were created to complement and support each other and advance their mutual development. It is important for me to be able to act independently and decide for myself in a relationship. I expect a woman I wish to live with to be sincere and constant in her affection for me and to act by her feelings. Above all, you should be interested in continually deepening the understanding and harmony between us, which presupposes that you will make a constant effort to improve yourself. Besides, I am also open for any kind of sincere friendship and love having friends all over the world. Are you interested? Then donít hesitate to write to me! Please donít forget to mail me a fixed telephone number where I can contact you! Iíd like to get a personal impression of you and thatís only possible by speaking to you! Iím looking forward to it!
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