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Living-Foods: Personals: gethappy

Id Number003836
Date PostedApr 10, 2004
Locationoakland, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
DescriptionI am artistic, clean-cut, curios, earthy, eccentric, intellectual, nurturing, practical, romantic, passionate, sensitive, sophisticated, simple, spiritual, unconventional, wild, witty, and worldly. I am very interested in personal growth, spirituality, gaining a better understanding of myself and the world around me. I am a designer and inventor, by trade, focused on creating products that make the world a better place. I also have a passion for public speaking where I can inspire positive change in the world. I try to live life to its fullest. I thrive on meeting people, traveling and experiencing new cultures. I have traveled extensively and lived abroad (London, Berlin, Paris, and Shanghai) for over 10 years. I have been successful in everything I have put my mind to and proud of my accomplishments. I am playful and fun loving, sensitive and caring, creative and spontaneous.
HobbiesI love long walk on the beech, romantic healthy dinners, intimate and intellectual conversation, quiet time together, movie, garage sales, drives in the country in open top sports car, travel far and near, exploring the mysteries of life, massaging each other, week-end get away.
Ideal MateMy perfect partner: YOU enjoy life, you are sensitive, caring, creative, spontaneous, balanced, open minded, organized, playful, witty, and love to laugh. We share a child-like curiosity about life and try to be playful in everything that we do. You are a vegetarian. You are committed to health and healing and we will support each other in living healthy lifestyles. You also enjoy quiet times together, long walks, travel and doing projects together. You are looking for a supportive and synergistic relationship where you can grow and learn. You have an incredible passion for life, art, work and love and together we will build a life where this passion infuses everything that we do. Passion will be the foundation of our life together. You value deep and meaningful conversation. You are environmentally conscious and together we will live a simple life where we only take what we need and make the most of what we have. We will travel together, but not as tourists. When we travel we will immerse ourselves in a place and get to know the people and environment. Our life together will be an exploration of life itself. You want to grow with me, become my best friend, true partner, share joy, contentment, and build a life together. You believe in the joy of giving, to live life fully. We have respect for each other and respect our differences. We value our independence and individualism. Yet we also experience oneness. We take care of each other. We work past the rough spots and never take each other for granted.
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