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Living-Foods: Personals: Kimberly

Id Number003736
Date PostedFeb 10, 2004
LocationCarlisle, PA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionStill learning, still questioning. Blessed and lucky and thankful. I like to spend time alone. Sometimes I'm quiet, other times I'm bubbling over. I enjoy finding treasure in other's junk- thrift stores and flea markets. I want to learn survival techniques, and herbal medicines and wild foods (I took a course @ The Tracker School w/ Tom Brown, Jr.) I've traveled through India-in college- (4 mo.), Spain (9 mo.), and Portugal (9 mo.)-backpacking and drumming for money-, and the US- via Subaru stationwagon- and would love to travel all over. I love sleeping on beaches and fields under the stars. I love travel by train. I have a dog born in Zaragosa, Spain who's traveled with me. I'm determined to live a healthy, balanced life I love. In my home, I want to be surrounded by cleanliness, order and beauty.
Hobbiesoutdoor activities, walking my dog,travel, creating, reading (Bill Bryson, Tom Robbins, Alain de Boton, the wisdom of Native American chiefs, The Peace Pilgrim), yoga, music, nutrition, plants, herbology, massage...
GoalsHave a light-filled home near water with some wild land, practice yoga, have a garden, have studio space for metalsmithing, wood-working, painting ... live and love long, treat well my family, friends and dog, travel, earn a comfortable living self-employed, give back to the world that blesses me.
QuoteLive and learn. You get out what you put in. Live for the seventh generation. You are what you eat (figuratively speaking).
Ideal MateSomeone with whom I feel right. At 32 I'm finally able not only to discern right feelings and wrong in a relationship, but trust in myself (instead of in the hope of changing myself or the other person). I no longer force something that doesn't feel right for me. I want someone who wants me. Someone who lets me be quiet and read sometimes. Someone whom I can respect, love, learn from and play with. Someone who makes me happier than I am when I'm alone (and that's usually pretty darn happy), and vice versa.
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