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Living-Foods: Personals: bohemian neitzche

Id Number003687
Date PostedJan 11, 2004
Namebohemian neitzche
LocationDickinson, ND-yes, it does exist, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
HairHmm....Now it is brown with highlights, about chin length. ok, ok, i ripped off Johnny Depp. He is a gorgeous man, I must admit
EyesDreamy brown
Occupationstudent, or more accurately a scholar. Dreamer actually, although it is a bad time to be a dreamer.
Descriptionambitious, gemini, critical thinking-helped substantially by the raw food diet, vegetarian for about a year, too compassionate for my own good so far in life, patient. I belong to no religion, but am extreanly religous and respectful to all belief systems. Influenced recently by buddhism, and learning about the sunnites. I enjoy the companionship of anyone with a heart. I am usually shy, although some people say i never shut up. Maybe it depends on the mood of the day. I also allegedly have a wry sense of humor. Really, I am my least favorite subject to talk about, unless I am being superficial. ?
HobbiesReading anything that will expand my horizons, Listening to music that is not commercial, clear channel(cookie cutter) material.I don't watch much tv except star treck TNG(It is very mindful of the human condition)simpsons and movies-The Princess Bride is my favorite. Ilove gardening. Enjoy long walks, especially if i can convince someone to come with. Improving at guitar. Doing things with friends. Quiet contemplation. I love writing, but have discovered recently that it is more poetic than i would like. Poetry is not an occupation, it is a verict-just ask Leonard Cohen.
GoalsWell, I am momentariy dropping out of college to re-evaluate my career choice and to save a litte money for relocation(people around here are cowardly and closeminded). I was majoring in Chemistry, but has science ever made anyone happy?(anyone want to debate this? you could change my life, since i have spent so much time and money on this) In the near future i will either re-enter college for something nature related, Do volutneer work exclusively or take this 50 year old thai lady I know up on her offer to tour the US and get paid to cook thai food. yum. As for long term goals, I just plan to do "gods" work, work hard towards what i believe in and remember that talk-action=shite.....and write science fiction stories or something else creative.
Quote"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."-Oscar Wilde
Ideal MateWell, if I knew I would definitly be fortunate. I am not gender biased as it can be limiting, but I can relate to you ladies when you say that testosterone can ruin everything. My friendships and dating experiences with women have always been more symbiotic. That said, um, they should love music, be honest and most importantly be the self sufficient/ambitious type. I really enjoy the company of people who(like me) are open to enlightment. Now I think I have sufficiently embarassed myself.
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