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Living-Foods: Personals: noah

Id Number003655
Date PostedDec 25, 2003
LocationAtlanta, GA Georgia, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Occupationhome repairs
DescriptionFor several years I have been visiting a type of place called "ecovillages". These are architect designed modern communites that teach how to live more in harmony with nature and with your neighbors. Some people live in them permanently while others come to take classes or relax. These people include organic farmers, yoga instructors, artists, musicians, and just about anybody. In the past I have visited ecovillages in parts of the U.S. and Europe. This included an 8 month stay at the Ecoforest raw food community in southern Spain. I also spent about 10 months visiting a few places in Hawaii including the raw community Pangaia. I currently live in a type of URBAN ecovillage which is located in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta. I am in contact with many ecovillages in the area including a large one which is forming in Athens, Georgia. Besides this ecovillage fascination of mine I enjoy many other things. I am openminded and like to have fun and I am willing to try things that interest you. I tend to be very health concious. I also believe that love is very important for health. Everyday kindness and affection are important for everyone. I think many of society's problems arise from the fact that many people don't feel loved. And they don't feel supported by those around them to search for what they really need. I am seeking to awaken the happiness that lies within us all. I don't follow a particular religion but I respect the religions of others. I try to develop friendships where we help each other to mature while also having fun. I am also very artistic and love music and painting. Eventually we can talk and perhaps do something like listen to open mic music at a coffee shop or you can come visit my ecovillage called the Lake Claire Land Trust (look it up on the web if you want). Please understand that I am not a strict vegetarian. I was a strict vegan for a long time but now I find my body needs some meat sometimes. However, I still eat lots of fresh and wild vegetables and know a lot about the raw vegan diet and I respect raw vegans. Please before dismissing me try to be open minded since it is often key to new knowledge. I have been studying the fascinating writings of Weston A. Price. He recorded the diets and health levels of native peoples all over the world back in the 1930s. You can view a picture of me and my art by copying the following links into the address of your browser: and
HobbiesGuitar, painting, dancing, gardening, drumming, board games, any exercise, soccer, walking, discussion, reading, more. I like to take herb walks in my neighborhood looking for wild edible plants. I do NOT smoke anything, though I don't mind if others do. I mention this because some women express a desire for men who do not smoke marijuana.
GoalsBecome a performing songwriter and great painter. To be a good example of physical and mental health and to then teach and inspire others. To know about a broad variety of health practices, not just a few. To help create ecovillages where people feel their basic needs are met. To spread love and enter new realms of conciousness.
QuoteDon't compare carrots and potatoes.
Ideal MateI am looking to meet anyone who is openminded. I always stay openminded because otherwise you don't gain certain very important knowledge.
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