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Living-Foods: Personals: Leslie Stevens

Id Number003569
Date PostedNov 14, 2003
NameLeslie Stevens
LocationVictoria, British Columbia, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
HairAsh blonde/brown
Eyesblue grey
DescriptionI am a generally optimistic, open-minded, life-loving person. I like to have fun, but I also like to be able to have serious discussions about important things... I try to remain in touch with my feelings, and communicate openly with the others in my life. I am always looking for areas of myself to work on, and am always striving to learn more about myself and the things and people that I care about. I am extremely dedicated to my children (twin girls, 21 months old), and want to make life wonderful for them. I work as hard as I can at my home based sewing business, trying to make things work. I want to always feel free to pursue my interests and to explore many different things. I thrive on adventure.
HobbiesI love to make things. I love to do all sorts of crafts, wood work, sewing, knitting, drawing, building... I also LOVE to read, and play and enjoy nature... hiking, walking, biking, singing, laughing. I enjoy being with my twin daughters. I love to be alive!
Ideal MateGentle and caring, open-minded and loves children. Always willing to work out issues without blame and accusation (or at least strive for it). Compassionnate and understanding, supportive of me in my interests, and willing to do what it takes to pursue your own. Able to look at your emotions square in the face and deal with the issues within yourself. Able to accept support from me, and to open yourself to me.
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