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Living-Foods: Personals: Brandi

Id Number003562
Date PostedNov 11, 2003
Locationsan leandro, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionI am an open, honest, and flexible Black woman. I am educated and enjoy the little things in life. It doesnít make much to make me laugh or have a good time. I think (or like to think) that Iím easy to get along with and like to surround myself with people I admire and whose time I enjoy.
HobbiesWalking, Cycling, Backpacking, hiking, Music, reading, and programming. I am open to most things because I know that I will never know what I like until I try it.
GoalsIn the future, while I see myself as a Professor of Anthropology and International Development, I also see other possibilities. I hope to be a mother, a wife, a nutritionist, a high school teacher, a writer, or a life coach. But my main goal is to be someone who sees the possibilities within life and has the guts to go after them.
Quote"It's the little things that make you special."
Ideal MateHmm. Truthfully, I want someone to adore. Someone who amazing me by being who they are. Who is honest with himself and understands that Life can be what you make it. Sounds dull, and probably raises more questions than it answers. does sum up the details of what I want. However, to ease your suspense, my ideal person is a dork, sarcastic and a little goofy, loves the details in life, and doesn't need much from life because he can see the possibilities of the little things. Also it would help if he can play a mean ass guitar.
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