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Living-Foods: Personals: Anika Leib

Id Number003513
Date PostedOct 14, 2003
NameAnika Leib
LocationBuninyong, Victoria, Australia
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Occupationnatural therapist/lifestyle coach/equine assisted learning facilitator
DescriptionI am a Messianic Jewish mom with four gorgeous sons aged 6-19, brilliant kids.All Homeschooled; I am passionate about life and my beliefs, I love, no adore children and raising a family of integrity and G-dly wholesome character whilst walking a path that tends to not be the main stream..I am extraordinarily flexible,(no I am not a contortionist) and have a good sense of humor..loving wholesomeness in food and thought and activity..passionately enjoying all good things and a lover of life (altho I have done it tough..) I am an optimist believing everything is possible, one only needs to try..we have one life to live and there is no time to waste and so much to see, enjoy and explore in this awesome world we live in. Believe totally in kindness, generosity and being humble with a servant spirit (without being a doormat), being a giver in life, sharing love and encouraging others to maximise their potential..rejoice with others rejoicing, and hurt when others suffer..A little kindness, and TLC go a long way in this world...:)Am mostly vegetarian and working on more raw..currently on my 12th day of a juice fast which i absolutely believe in as part of our lifestyle to rejuvenate our bodies from time to time..shedding some unwanted kilos too...Oh & I talk too much :)
Hobbiescreative cooking,gardening, hiking, horse riding,fishing (well..the kids like it..i like watching them have fun) swimming, flower picking, listening to uplifting music,bird watching, writing, playing at the beach or in the snow with my kids,spending time in spiritual rejuvenation and any activity which brings me to a closer awareness of my awesome G-d (ok. I am a tree hugger too)
GoalsIdeally: To have a fulltime healing retreat where natural therapies and lifestyle coaching is offered as well as equine assisted growth and learning..(in the USA preferably)but I am open to anything the Lord leads me to..why get stuck... Remember, "Nothing is impossible with G-d" L'Chayim
QuoteIsaiah 65:17-25 (our future glory) and: "Courage is not the absence of fear. It is doing what it takes despite ones fears") and funone.. "Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it"
Ideal MateSomeone who wants to live life and enjoy it, whilst being sensitive, compassionate,responsible, without debts and awareof what is needed in a relationship. Able to communicate and be forgiving..someone who loves children and enjoying family well as special romantic times alone. Someone who wants to share life as an adventure and willing to do his part (no clinging vines or someone needing more mothering!!!:)someone who loves good wholesome food, family, faith and fun, faith is really important- a priority. someone who loves to have long talks and doesnt feel threatened or is overly critical, someone prepared to build intimacy in relationship.
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