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Living-Foods: Personals: Jim Britner

Id Number003490
Date PostedSep 29, 2003
NameJim Britner
LocationExeter, Rhode Island, U.S.A.
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
DescriptionI'm 6' tall, thin. Right now I'm on a quest to determine what lifestyle is the most healthful. I've been reading much on this. Very distressing to see so many varying opinions with respect to diet, even among the "experts". I'm very open-minded, analytical, resourceful & independent (getting very tired and bored with this), fairly athletic. I can have a strong opinion on something once I've really thought it through and believe that I have the absolute correct answer. I'm trying to get back into weightlifting, running, etc. like I used to a few years ago. I can be a procrastinator (trying to improve this). I'm not at all materialistic (I drive a 14-year old car), but I have trouble letting go of things (like throwing away old clothes and junk I don't need).
HobbiesMotorcycles,Reading,Gardening,Guitar,Computers,Trying to become a better human being
GoalsI would like to write a screenplay or a book or both. Then I could retire really early. I'd like to settle on a small farm and grow my own food instead of trusting my food to come from other sources free of man-made chemicals, etc. I would like to do something important and lasting to open the minds of the public to the evils of our modern, unnatural lifestyle.
Quote I love nature & hate what man's free choice & greed have done to our natural world. The perfect example is a modern supermarket, full of chemicalized, processed, cooked, devitalized "foodstuffs" that slowly poison our bodies and minds. The only thing most supermarket food producers are worried about is "shelf-life". As long as it doesn't poison you immediately, most of the gullible public thinks it's OK. Then the modern medical establishment will be only too happy to prescribe more drugs or surgery to fix you up after years of this nasty, unnatural diet have deprived the body of proper diet for so long that the weakest systems of your body start to fail.
Ideal MateOpen-minded, forgiving, compromising, willing to entertain new ideas, comfortable with self, not materialistic, intelligent, environmentally conscious, health-conscious, good work ethic.
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