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Living-Foods: Personals: Mariya & Trisha

Id Number003444
Date PostedAug 28, 2003
NameMariya & Trisha
LocationNY, Ny, US
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
OccupationMake-Up Artist
DescriptionIt may sound unusual but we come in a pair because we are identical twin Goddesses! We're born under the sign of Pisces so that makes us very creative and ambitious dreamers with a stylish city flair, making anything we touch turn into magic. By nature, our mystical pixie-like spirits make us sweet & sexy individuals with strong minds and open hearts, but we can be a bit rigid around the edges when called for due to our native NY roots. We try not to take the small things in life too seriously so we can laugh and find humor in almost any situation. We have a natural love for all of Earth's living beauty, & our sultry eyes see far beyond this physical realm. Our delicate features and vibrant colors resemble that of a rare butterfly fluttering about in the winds.
HobbiesBike riding (especially at sunset), interior decorating, fashion design, reading, writing, creating new recipes, & others.....
Goals We're working on a master plan that will relocate us to the islands of paradise! (Hawaii) It will help humanity and its new generations to break the cycle of the standard american diet..... generating positive mental wave patterns to our earth that will help to heal and bring back her balance.
Quote"Don't say what you don't mean and mean what you don't say"------"If you don't try you'll never know."
Ideal MateIdeally...we would LOVE to find handsome twin brothers. Are you 2 out there somewhere?? But we're not narrowing this down to only twins so if you're brothers, friends or just 2 adorable handsome raw/vegan men (lean a MUST--tall a plus!) 24-33 & atleast 95% smoke and alcohol-free You are: creative and/or artistic, physically and internally SWEET, and you can also appreciate the simplicity of mango smoothies in the morning, kick-ass kale & cucumber salads and ofcourse...anything spontaneous!
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