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Living-Foods: Personals: Deva Baglio

Id Number003350
Date PostedJul 24, 2003
NameDeva Baglio
LocationEast Aurora, NY, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
DescriptionI'm a deep thinker, an intellectual, a dreamy romantic with a weakness for Wuthering Heights. I love animals and defend them wherever they are oppressed. I'm fun and outgoing and love the outdoors, traveling, and laughter. I'm intelligent and attractive, with waist-long blond hair and brown eyes. I can be dramatic and mysterious, and I have strong oppinions about most controversial topics; I love debates and thought-provoking conversations. I can never resist a mystery or an adventure!I am kind and considerate of others, and I'm confident and mature for my age; I always speak my mind and defend my point of view. I'm fun to be around, and I always try to live as if this were all there is.
HobbiesI love writing, drawing, acting, playing classical guitar,and anything creative! My hobbies include: Tracking through jungles and helping oppressed animals of the world; writing angry, critical poetry about slaughterhouses; reading Ishael by Daniel Quinn; searching for buried treasure in ancient lost realms, and trying to overcome the oppressive forces of our culture.
GoalsCollege lies in my future, and I want to be a writer/visual artist/actress or a zoologist. I want to explore the uncharted regions of the world(Amazon, Congo, Anarctica, etc.)and fight oppression wherever it may lie. I want to annhilate slaughterhouses, fur factories, leather companies, biological supply companies, and other manifestations of animal abuse. I want to work for Ralph Nader or Jane Goodal, but I want to do what I love and what I believe in. I want to run down mountain paths shouting cries of freedom and write poetry by a wishing well. I want to find people who are like-minded, and I want to fall in-love. I want to walk on clouds, see fairies, and conquer my own fears. I want to write volumes of books: novels, children's, young adults', etc. I want to invent a time-machine and explore the 5th dimension, and most of all, I want to be happy.
Quote"I will not tip-toe through life only to arrive safely at death." "Your regrets are the risks you did not take." "The world will not be saved by old minds with new programs; it will be saved by new minds with not programs."
Ideal MateAn intelligent, fun, adventerous, romantic man who loves to lie in the grass at night and watch the stars. Someone whose willing to take risks and live fully; somone whose not afraid to be himself and stand up for his beliefs; someone whose confident and has goals; someone who loves nature and animals and cares about the earth; somone I can dance with, laugh with, write poetry about, and travel the world with; someone I can talk to yet is not afraid of silence;a free-thinker who lives in the moment and loves life! Are you that someone?
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