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Living-Foods: Personals: Izabella

Id Number003257
Date PostedJun 8, 2003
LocationBrisbane & Adelaide, QLD/ SA, Australia
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 1in.
HairDark blonde
OccupationNaturopath, Nutritionist, Life Coach
DescriptionThe best way to depict myself is through my soul purpose in life which is interwoven throughout many aspects of my being: being an inspirational instrument to enhancing awareness and quality of life for others. My broad-mindedness and balanced perspective sees me engaging in both analytical and philosophical endeavours, always with a humanitarian application. Many find my cheerful disposition, optimism and intellect wonderfully refreshing and novel. My ambition and motivation drive me to explore many perspectives, thus I find myself always evolving and desiring to learn more, whilst sharing the sweetness of life with others. I have plenty of energy and a fit, petite attractive body to faciliate all my achievements and journeys in life. Above all, I have a pure heart, compassion and connection with nature that I am most grateful for.
HobbiesHealth and wellbeing, yoga, reading, writing health and wellbeing articles for magazines, writing books and poetry, songwriting, exploring, chess, word games, anything creative, anything that involves lots of colour and aesthetic organization, interior design/ decoration, freestyle dancing, spirituality, inspiring others to live life fully and harmoniously, philosophy, exercise, nature walks/trips, bio-electromagnetic applications (eg human aura, mind-body medicine), PNI (psychoneuroimmunology), personal development
GoalsTo gain greater awareness and to live life soulfully.
Quote"To open, reveal is to invite rejection But to close, conceal is to deny projection" (My own quote stating that it's risky to open ourselves up but needed for our personal expression and therefore our wellbeing)
Ideal MateIntelligent, charismatic, passionate, spiritual, aware, philosophical, environmentally-sensitive, creative, health-conscious, adventurous, fit, good conversationalist, broad-minded, accepting, understanding and a best-friend.
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