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Living-Foods: Personals: Amanda

Id Number003153
Date PostedApr 20, 2003
LocationLynchurg, Va, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 4in.
OccupationStudend/food factory
DescriptionI am a student who is also workng full-time at night. I have three children, only one of whom lives with me at the moment. We have several cats, two dog, some retiles, and an assortment of all-raw mice and a rat. I don't have much spare time at the moment, but I'd like to connect with other raw fooders and people interested in the movement.
HobbiesI love reading and writing, (good thing since I go to schoo full-time). I love animals of all kinds, and being outdoors. I enjoy crafts and witty conversation, quite mornings, starry nights, and hot summer days.
GoalsI'd like to finish college in the next two years. After that I'd like to move to a small farm or other area where I can grow more of my own foods. Currently I own my own home, but I have a very tiny yard and little privacy, (I live across the street from a college so cannot sun bathe in the nude without attracting a lot of attention). I'd also like to travel more, and learn lots of new things. I'm a writer, so I'd like to spend more time writing. I'd also love to find my soul mate who is out there somewhere, but if our paths don't cross, I'd like to enjoy to the fullest all of the wonderful people I meet in this journey called "life".
Ideal MateI can't describe my ideal mate because I have not met him yet! But I know that he's at least as tall as me and either into raw foods himself or patient with my eating habits...sorry I would not enjoy a steak cookout, maybe the company, but don't expect me to eat the steak! Hair lenghth and eye color do not matter, but I like a man who is in fairly good shape, or working his way there. I'd like someone to hike, run and ride bikes with. A reader is a definate plus!
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