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Living-Foods: Personals: Joslyn

Id Number003107
Date PostedApr 2, 2003
Location Toronto area, Ontario, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 4in.
Hairvery long auburn
Occupationuniversity student
DescriptionKind, warm, truthful and very spiritually oriented, compassionate towards all other beings. I believe in God, the Light of Christ and the inner light of God in every human(in the Quaker tradition). I also believe these are ultimate mysteries whose answers arent literally availible in the Bible. Im seeking a peaceful life in a rural existence, hope to have a large family that lives in a way that counters the trends of western society (modesty in all areas). I dress unconventionally (plain homemade dresses, skirts etc.) am very interested in herbs and natural medicine and eating and growing whole organic foods. But it is not my goal to be 100% raw. I like to think I have quite a good sense of humor ;D and am very down to earth. Favorite authors are Scott Savage, Wendell Berry and Bill McKibben. Also enjoy Thoreau, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Lucy Maude Montgomery (and many more including children's authors).
Hobbiesdrawing, reading, camping, hiking, writing in journal, sewing own clothing and quilting, also writing and illustrating children's stories (only on a personal level.. not professional)
GoalsLiving simply in the countryside somewhere in North America. Having a wonderful strong loving marriage, with more than 4 children (if possible). Being healthy, happy and vibrant and loving God and life... But trying to receive the darker aspects of life with courage and resilience. Occupation wise.. making a living through a combination of ways, organic farming, small health food business (?), custom clothing business (I hope!).
Quote"You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind"- Thoreau
Ideal Mate(male) Most important above all else: very kind and emotionally mature, a sense of humility, or desiring to be humble. (also a good sense of humor!) Compassionate towards others, loving children and all animals. Belief in God is a must, but this does not mean an old bearded man in the sky. Must desire to continue to grow spiritually throughout one's life and this is of primary importance. Also being Quaker would be wonderful but not a must.. Judeo-Christian roots in beliefs would be nice but no strict fundamentalism. Desiring to live a rural existence and to have a family, and simple living are important. Having high standards for oneself and one's ideal mate are important. Have high standard for morality without being dogmatic. If you have read "The PLain Reader" or Plain Magazine please email! (I know its very ironic that this is a computer posting!) Anyone (male or female) who finds this post speaking to them in some way feel free to email! I enjoy making new friends.
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