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Living-Foods: Personals: Kyyl

Id Number003046
Date PostedFeb 25, 2003
LocationClyde, Texas, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 3in.
OccupationSelf employed
DescriptionTall, Dark and not to hard on the eyes. I am a quiet, strong, healthy, clear minded man with many things to do and see over the next many years. I am a goal setter and I always achieve my goals. I am very health oriented always striving to remove from my life and body those substances which are harmful/toxic to the body and mind. I don't do bars, discos, {although I love to dance}I drink occasionally.. read that as two to three times per year. I am a very spiritual/moral man believing that "as we sow so shall we receive" and therefore always attempt to give above and beyond what is needed or required.
HobbiesHiking, Camping, caving,Getting close to the earth. Renewable energy. I am always designing/building equipment to take advantage of the sun. Someday I hope to be totally self sufficient and separated from the utility grid producing all my own energy needs. I like to climb, walk, run, and see the many beauties of this earth. I love the soil, you might call me a hobby gardner. I hate crowded cities, television, smog, rude persons, boxed, packaged, and genetically modified foods. I love clean mountain streams, organic home grown foods, old cars restored, museums, the great outdoors and beautiful women who smile often. Or possibly I should say... I think women who smile often are beautiful.
GoalsCleaning up planet earth...
QuoteWe are failing mightily at our stewardship of this planet and the time has come to recognize our failure and change our ways.
Ideal MateI am looking for a true helpmate. Healthy minded woman willing to invest the time and energy required to make a life long commitment to one man. A woman not afraid to tackle climbing a mountain, take a 12 mile hike, or designing and making her own dress. I am looking for an old fashioned woman with that pioneer spirit, that willingness to give her all to the man she is married to. One who will follow her man anywhere. My ideal mate must be truly energetic as my idea of resting during the day is sitting down for the evening meal!!! No grass will grow under our feet. I will provide a stable and secure life for the woman I marry. However do not read into that mansions and wealth and baubles. Often I hope to be in a tent, one with nature exploring the world very few get to see. I will provide a safe secure home in the country, {but not in the wilderness} 15 minutes to town in her own car, animals...goats, cows chickens, ducks, geese, pidgeons, dog and cats. Wife will get small home {1200sq. ft.}to decorate to suit her tastes. Must be willing to relocate to the united States of America
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