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Living-Foods: Personals: Don Weaver

Id Number003025
Date PostedFeb 14, 2003
NameDon Weaver
LocationWoodside, CA, US
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 6in.
HairLt. Brown
OccupationEarth Health Regeneration-Gardener-Writer-Educator
DescriptionLoving Life and giving to the Earth and people in the healthiest ways is natural to me. I work to help transform and Regenerate the Earth by writing, education, growing healthy gardens/orchards. I love outdoors Nature and Sunshine and living a simple and celebratory life with spiritual-ecological-health consciousness. Have applied Natural Hygiene principles and eaten a raw vegan diet for 25 years. Nature has given me health, strength, youth, sensitivity and desire to live, give and share "the Good Life."
HobbiesYoga Massage Music Singing Hiking Biking Reading Running Beaches Basketball Inspirational Films Dance etc.
GoalsMaking a real difference in the ongoing human-Earth Drama - helping prove humanity to be a genuine "success," not a failed experiment. Giving the world my new book, TO LOVE AND REGENERATE THE EARTH, along with original book I co-authored, THE SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION. Both are free gifts to the world at Invaluable reading for those concerned to grow real food and regenerate themselves and the Earth together! Co-creating Earth Regeneration Center(s) with friends and a soulmate/soilmate in CA and/or Hawaii, and encouraging others to do the same worldwide. May the Earth become a Regeneration Center of the Universe and the Paradise it can be when conscious, generous people are present.
Quote"Nature never did betray the heart that loved Her."
Ideal MateLike-minded, conscious, happy, affectionate, generous, loves Nature, animals, people, trees, soil, growing fruit-vegies-Beauty, creating fertile soils, planting gardens and trees.Radiates the natural beauty of health without "need" of externals. Physically-emotionally-spiritually strong and resilient in the face of the world's unnatural and challenging aspects. Accepts personal responsibility to be a light of Goodness and sanity on Earth. Honest, communicative, loves to laugh, able to cry, would love to co-create beautiful friendship, possible Sacred Partnership.
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