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Living-Foods: Personals: Sandra

Id Number003009
Date PostedFeb 10, 2003
LocationBeirut, Hadath/Baabda, Lebanon
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Haircoffee brown
Eyeschoco brown
OccupationFashion designer/student
DescriptionI'm Lebanese/Italian in fact(which explains the height 5'10" dad has Spanish mom and a Lebanese dad so he's Lebanese ofcourse and my mom has Lebanese mom and Italian dad which makes her Italian ofcourse so I'm 50/50 half/half Lebanese from Dad and Italian from mom..but most people think I'm Italian 100% (good for me:))I speak lebanese and write it a little ,my English is fluent cause all my studies are in English reading and writing etc.I speak Italian too but my English is better :) .I love listening to classical music and love watching classical ballet also modern dances and love to dance ballet,tap,jazz,modern, to learn them all.I love reading alot specially about nutrition,yoga,breatharianism..and mostly love to read my bible(but frankly I'm not fair really about reading it,I don't read it much enough but I try reading everyday even if it's 1 chapter).I love life,sun,beach,air,God's creation in full love to admire it all .I'm a Aerobic/fitness instructor too...I tried almost all kinds of aerobics the most benifiting sports to me is Yoga which is really good for meditating and relaxation..i want to try pilates which is really good for flexibilty and toning better than using free weights(I'm a girl and used free weights before but stopped cause they make me gain weight ..ugh!!).I love travelling alot going to italy (I have a trip to Roma for fashion design course soon there :))love to travel the whole world everywhere anywhere I love to see new people new culture to get to know . I guess I love to talk about myself yeah I'm not 100% raw but transitioning to be I'm a fruitarian 90% and eat cooked sometimes once or twice aweek with your help people here I hope I can do it to 100% raw.Whatelse ?I love animals cats ,dogs,etc.
HobbiesMy hobbies vary from sports,yoga,dance,reading,arts(fashion design too),drawing comics too,i LOVE BEAUTY God is beauty so we are,music..etc.
GoalsFuture Goals....ALOT !!! I wanna be!!!...ok..want to learn other languages like French ,Spanish, speak atleast 5 different lang.I wanna learn about Natural hygiene.Be a famouse Fashion designer(pray so for me pls )wanna learn ballet I love it and wish to be professional in it(Iheard of adult ballet beginners starters not too late:)on want to practice some fasting like Herbert Shelton,Arnold Ehret and like all those fathers of Natural Hygiene did( I love fasting like once a week it feels really good..but I want to try like jesus 40 days fast for spiritual reasons and health bonus:)).Like to remind myslef always for the future this verse in bible matthew 10:28"And be not afraid of those who kill the body ,but cannot kill the soul; but fear rather him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell".I always want to be confident (fearing people's critisizm is useless no matter what one does good or bad is criticized either ways so it's good to relax and ignore them).Knowing God better growing more spiritually being 100% raw and vegan...I'm not vegan yet I'm vegetarian and trying to be.Goals are unlimited as the sky is unlimited open to new goals and ideas that's to finish this now here ..cause I can write a book about my goals and it's more useful to try reaching them instead of writing and writing ...RIGHT?!!
QuoteIT'S ALL SOWING AND REAPING > > Sow an act, reap a habit. > Sow a habit, reap a character. > Sow a character, reap a DESTINY.
Ideal MateWell well...I'm not thinking of any at the moment I have sooo many goals in life not knowing really sometimes exactly what I want I feel very young ...well I like to get to have friends mostly now.My friends would be same goals love the smae kind of music ,arts(it's enough if they are artists we'd understand eahother alot :)) Umm..would be adventurous love life love God respect his creation and know it's value .Reads alot one who loves learning knew things and is open to learn them and flexible in thinking and judging on things .Ofcourse active person loves sports and also health conscious and know what raw means and how bneficial it is to respect his body cause it's the temple of the holy spirit we should Glorify God in it not abuse and hurt it.If we are against killing animals I think we should first be against killing ourselves with our crazy fastfood manmade diet.yeah also he should believe in jesus Christ as his saviour cause I believe in Christ too and admire him alot and love him lots.Whatelse????Be funny ,fit,TALL EXTREMELY TALL :)),patient,persisting,has self-control in things on nerves especailly(Iknow we all can't have self-control on things but let's try),has alot of dreams to accomplish and is unlimited with his dreams in life and one that does'nt think IMMPOSSIBLE ABOUT ANYTHING WHO BELIEVES AND WALK HIS WALK.
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