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Living-Foods: Personals: Stephen (Orion) Bard

Id Number003000
Date PostedJan 31, 2003
NameStephen (Orion) Bard
LocationCarnation, WA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
OccupationSoftware Engineer
DescriptionI am caring, kind, deep, and wild. I'm very excited about this world and what we can create/are creating here. I'm really happy with my life and interested in always learning, growing, and creating more opportunities for others to be happy too. I have appreciation for the beauty of nature and the desire to be out in nature as often as possible. I have a silly and intelligent sense of humor. I program computers really well. I sing pretty well and love to dance and write music. I have some amazing friends. I learned some good things from my parents: A deep sense of respect for the world and for other people. A sense of how to be a good person who makes a difference in the world and has a lot of fun doing it. Appreciation for the beauty of nature. The importance of growing plants and vegetables and of making and fixing things yourself instead of just being a consumer. The importance of having a good mind and always learning new things and being open to new experiences.
HobbiesBackpacking, Bicycling, Frisbee / ultimate, Mountain biking, Skiing / snowboarding, Tennis, Meditation, Yoga, spiritual growth, dancing, composing music, healing, energy work.
GoalsPerform regularly with my music group Alphawulf, write more music and software. Get my record company to profitability and awesome success. Write a raw recipe book/help start a raw restaurant or raw living community. Create ever more opportunities to experience: Good friends/rich meaningful relationships, giving and receiving massages, music, enigmas, flow, rhythm. The ability to be in touch with wisdom, justice, beauty, harmony, patience and strength.
QuoteFeel the sense of yourself as you breathe, as you are now, in this living planet Earth, walking the way of you, and of the spirit matter.
Ideal MateSomeone who is real about herself / who can feel what a gift it is to be human / who can get wild and feel her animal nature / who is smart, intelligent, witty, and into exercise and health / who knows that "smart, intelligent, and witty" are way more multidimensional than we are often brought up to believe / who can feel her own unique sense of her talents and intelligence Someone who knows that a relationship takes time to build and every day is a new adventure into the magic of who we are together as well as who we each are as individuals in this living planet Earth / who can see humor in the ups and downs of a relationship and who feels the whole emotional range and desires to keep communicating and growing through all of it / who is in touch with her anima and animus / who is excited and awed by the possibility of children someday / who is really into creating love together / who is spiritual and knows this about herself and is in touch with her heart.
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