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Living-Foods: Personals: Eric Farris

Id Number002979
Date PostedJan 20, 2003
NameEric Farris
LocationSeattle, WA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
OccupationSelf-employed investor; Webmaster for; your partner, if you choose. Contact me by typing me a message, or better yet by phone at 206-706-1387. I'd love to work together with like-minded individuals for common purposes. We can achieve a lot more working together than going it alone.
DescriptionThis ad is a copy of one I have at, except that this one isn't as fancy, and doesn't have a picture of me. :-) Being an all-raw vegan, I'm pretty health-conscious. I call myself "vegetarian since CONception, with a brief EXception." I say this because my mom was vegetarian during her pregnancy, and I haven't ever tasted red meat, pork, or poultry, although I did try a few seafoods for a little while back around the age of 14, the age I decided to be vegan. I'm grateful for having been raised vegetarian, and for not having been circumcised or immunized--that's right, the only shots I've ever gotten were anesthetics for operations on my mouth or eye. Since I was 14 when I decided to be vegan, and I'm over 29 now, I've been vegan for most of my life. I've also eaten predominantly organic for many years. My diet has even been mostly raw for several years too, because since becoming vegan, I've eaten simply, only one food at a time for most of the day, sticking to just fruits during the daylight hours. And now, since November 26, 2000 I've been and still am a predominantly organic, all-raw vegan. I don't get mad easily. I laugh and smile a lot, get comments about it. I'm fairly funny. I definitely find many things funny myself (hence my frequent laughter and smiles). People remark that my voice is deep, resonant. I've also been told I'm good at listening and paying attention to people, and that I'm uncommonly patient. My highest academic degree is a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the U of Washingtion. The jobs I've done for other people have been in the programming field. I'm currently self-employed as an investor, working from home. I consider my relationships with other people to be one of the most rewarding parts of life, if not the most. I believe the purpose of a relationship is to support the other to be and become the best s/he can be, to make this life (and future ones) better than it would be otherwise. When talking to me, you can ask and tell me anything at all. I can pretty much guarantee I won't be offended. When others are listening, I do prefer tact and discretion concerning certain matters, but if it's just me you're talking to, anything goes, and you need not worry that I'll form a lesser opinion of you. :-)
Hobbies...and interests are: attending raw food potlucks; talking to you via the phone, online chat, and or email; listening; personal development of any kind; classical music, 80's, oldies, soft rock; playing piano; investing; teaching and helping others; co-counseling; lucid dreaming; fasting; rebounding; resistance exercise; yoga; Astrology; ancient Greek and Latin; dating ;-)
GoalsGain friends/associates like you ;-)--I'd love for every single one of you reading this to contact me!; get the sheet music to my favorite pieces/songs and learn to play them on the piano and/or other instruments; learn to play violin, possibly other instruments (guitar, cello, oboe, ...); collect all the music recordings I could possibly want; maintain a database that tracks all my music recordings for quick and easy look-up; have a diet consisting of almost entirely high-water-content foods (overwhelmingly fruits, and a small amount of veggies), with a minimal amount of concentrated foods (nuts and seeds); live in a tropical climate with a community of raw vegans; maintain my financial freedom; be a supreme example of superior health/wellness/beauty and happiness; lead the world to greater health and wealth; lead in co-counseling; record all my dreams; gain the skill of dreaming lucidly at will; become a superlatively adept astrologer; master yogic breathing; practice yoga and meditation at least daily; bring my family, community, and the whole planet abundant prosperity; learn and grow on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; be the best possible lover, friend, partner, associate, co-counseler, leader, example, brother, son, listener, caregiver, supporter, person, everything! :-)
QuoteLove is the answer.
Ideal MateI want as many "mates", as in buddies, friends, partners, associates, brothers, sisters, as possible! I want to get to know as many people as possible who have similar goals/dreams to mine. I want to join forces with such individuals for the common good. Let's help each other and the planet to the best of our abilities! There's so much we can do, especially working together! So contact me and let's go! :-) As far as a romantic relationship goes, let me say this: My blow-up doll wasn't cutting it any more, hence this ad :-). Before I go into the several factors that, taken together, make up my idea of the most ideal relationship, take note of the fact that, as we all know, nothing is perfect in life. So it's possible to fall short in some or even many of the areas I'm going to mention, yet still have the makings of a very satisfying relationship. OK, so what's an ideal relationship, to me? First thing that comes to mind is, we'd talk or otherwise communicate (e-mail, written letters/notes, chat, psychically tune in, whatever works) like crazy; sharing our thoughts/feelings or asking/answering each other's questions would be one of the most interesting, fun, and rewarding/worthwhile activities to both of us. And not just in the relationship's beginning, no way: we'd communicate on an ongoing, regular basis to understand each other's moods and 'tudes, and to work out our difficulties. We'd love constantly getting better acquainted and building stronger trust, friendship, and intimacy. Eventually, we'd be so close that we'd feel as natural/honest/at ease with each other as we are with ourselves, but not to the point of feeling suffocated--we'd maintain mass freedom. We'd share several common interests (e.g. vegetarianism, personal development). We'd feel comfortable opening up/sharing our innermost feelings or asserting our opinions/values/beliefs, while remaining true to ourselves regardless of how the other may react. We'd teach each other what we thought were important lessons we've learned, starting with 2 + 2 = 4 and gradually working our way up in difficulty. ;-) We'd relate stories to each other of events that left a memorable impact on us. Being best friends too, we'd "be there" for each other to relish life's high points and boost each other's spirits during low times. The main purpose of the relationship would be to nurture each other's personal growth, water each other's soil, so to speak [literally, if we were plants ;-)]. What I mean is, each of us would be a major positive influence in helping the other be/become/find out who s/he strives to be. Thus we'd lavish each other with compliments and supportive gestures. Besides to each other, we'd contribute our love to those outside our relationship: our friends, acquaintances, society in general...except we'd purposefully shut out family members, having grown sick and tired of dealing with them for all our lives. [That last bit about family is a joke, in case you weren't sure. :-)] We'd laugh, joke, play around, have some serious fun (which, no, I don't consider an oxymoron). Our creative imaginations would provide us with infinite alternatives for how to touch and otherwise pleasantly tickle each other's senses. Naturally, the majority of such affections would not focus on genitalia. For instance, we'd hug, hold, snuggle, cuddle, kiss, etc. [further specifics provided on request ;-)] Besides play, the relationship would include work as a major component. [Sorry to disappoint, folks, but TANSTAAFL--There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. :-)] We'd address unpleasant matters by talking them through, sometimes writing when that's a better way to handle the issue. And hey, get this: I think I can use some nagging--I'd even ask for it. :-) Last but not least, we'd smoke a lotta we'd. :-) j/k--I'm definitely no druggie. Well, enough already. I hope you were able to get at least some enjoyment out of my feeble attempts at humor. I'll wrap things up for now. Maybe we'll be continuing communications soon though? I'd like that. :-)
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