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Living-Foods: Personals: Steven

Id Number002974
Date PostedJan 18, 2003
LocationLas Vegas-currently, Nevada, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionI always love this part. . . how do you describe yourself and sound like you're not bragging?! I am a 46 year young single man who is average on the outside but far from average in anything I strive for. The word average or normal is far from my lips most of the time. I have a fiery, independent personality, and I am an entrepreneur; self educated, outgoing, strong, sweet, easy going and serious. I live and think outside the box. I value HONESTY, intelligence, freedom, truth, passion, sensitivity, sharing, loyalty, spirituality, friendship, making a difference, great health, personal responsibility, worldly adventures and also the greatest adventure; the adventure within. I am very mutable and stretch myself to explore all facets of life. . . . to seek higher truths; to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially. I believe we are all responsible for the creation of our own reality and experiences here; the experience is nothing less than thy own choices and thoughts made visible. . . we will create our future and destiny!I love adventure, travel, and being outdoors and my soul requires freedom to roam. I’m an avid boater and love anything to do with water. I am also very old fashioned in a gentleman way and unconditional love is part of who I am. I am a true romantic and love seeing the look on her face when my heart speaks to hers though this modality of love. When I commit to loving my woman for life, it is till death; when I am committed to loving her it will remain my pleasure to do so, for better or for worse, the same as I would do for anyone I made that commitment to. I unequivocally do not believe in divorce unless there are extraordinary circumstances! When I place my heart and soul in that place I remain committed to my life partner and family. I am very passionate and in search of the woman whom I could feel this deeply about on a soul level. In order for me to choose to love a woman this deeply, not only must she be compatible, I would be compelled by her Heart, a true, deeply pure, Golden Heart is where I fall.
HobbiesBoating, hiking, repelling, flying, photography, skating, camping, and amateur radio.
GoalsTo create a health center that will cater to anyone at any level. The center will range from simple supplementation to full-on extended water fasting. And of course always serving others.
Quote"I search not for the average life rather one lived to the edge of all my possibilities!"
Ideal MateI am seeking my life mate, someone mentally challenging, free, independent, strong, a partner, mature, she knows who she is and has done work on herself. She must be a spiritual (not religious…religious is brushing your teeth every morning) mature woman who is an entrepreneur in thought and action. She must have God in her life on a daily basis and feel His presence in all matters! Because I have the freedom to travel and live anywhere in the world whenever I feel like it, the appropriate woman for me is someone who also has this kind of freedom to a certain degree. The woman I am seeking knows what Real Love is, she accepts True Love; she is willing to give herself the gift of being the lover and the beloved; her heart's desire is to love and be loved unconditionally. The woman who has given herself the gift will know that she is enough for me and trust in my infinite Love for her. The longing for True Love between a man and a woman is our desire and fulfillment to be one with God in the physical. If you are a woman who is loving in nature, open, caring, communicative, available, giving, deep, spiritual, freedom orientated, open minded, full of agape love, able to face your difficult parts, have a belief system and morals in tune with mine, live and think outside the box, strong, independent, a leader, have vision, and are seeking your soulmate for the relationship of your lifetime to share the adventure of living, let’s take it to the next step!!!On a lighter note my friends will tell you I am the man of velvet and steel. . . one who can be serious and the life of the party all in one breath. I'm endless in my diversity and sometimes a crazy goofball when the situation deems it necessary. I love to tell a good joke and make people laugh. I am way into health so know ahead of time that I am a health nut. I actually saved my life with this life style change and currently writing a book that will help millions of people. God took me on this journey for several reasons and one of them is to share His word about the missing link. . . intrigued?! I do not have children and I choose not to have children at this time…however, I believe a mind is like a parachute…it functions best when it’s open. So…if children are part of your plan I will consider it if you are part of Gods plan for me!!!
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