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Living-Foods: Personals: Motherland Man

Id Number002972
Date PostedJan 17, 2003
NameMotherland Man
LocationSt. Anne, Illinois, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Description The things that I value most are the blessings of the Universe, honesty, loyalty, peace of mind and a natural,stress free like style. I am of Afrikan decent and I gravitate the strongest towards people that are earthy. People that have no layers that hide their true selves. I live in a rural area outside of Chicago in a nature preserve type setting that I try to maintain. I usually visit the city once or twice a week too buy fruit and have some spontaneous enjoyment. At home i like hiking through natural areas, gathering wild fruits, rideing 4 wheelers, organic gardening, music, reading, bike riding, exercising, doing research and enjoying nature. I am becoming more active in organic farming and volunteering towards community efforts to help children. I like to take trips too different places, especially the South. I love to travel too warm tropical places. My need for sunshine, fresh fruit and less materialistic people will leading me to live in a tropical environment someday. I like simple pleasures. Things like talking and laughing with a true friend while siting outside on a warm, star lighted summer night. My greatest strength is I am a planer. My biggest weakness is I am not good at finishing things. I am a nurturer and I like to play when the time is right, so I will always reach for the girl inside of a woman. But I think that I would not function well in a relationship with a person that is distant and highly separate from me. I am not the ball game watcher with the boys type. I am not the variety is the spice of life type, I could thrive in a very long term relationship. If I had a best friend and mate all in one, I could see my self spending most of most of my time with her. I am a hand holder type of man and as far as I am concerned their is no such thing as an overly affectionate, feminine or clingy type of woman. I am not the argument and fighting type and I prefer living in a peaceful, loving and deceit free environment.
GoalsTo make a difference in the world. To help people, especially kids. To establish low maintenance income sources and stainable agricultural projects while saving the natural surroundings. To be free of negative ideas and actions. To live in freedom, peace of mind and be an unconditional lover. To share with you and be a complete man at the side of a complete woman.
Ideal MateI know that I must wait until the Universe brings you too me and until then I will accept no woman (sexually) until this happens. And when you come, and grow too trust, respect what I stand for, and truly like me. The Universe, my heart (not my mind) will tell me that you are ideal. When you are compelled by your heart too be at my side more that any other place. When you decides to stay not because of force, contract or game, but because you (on your own her own free will) want to be in the company of my soul. When you see me as I am and I see you as you are and we accept each other and we allow the Universe to marry our souls. I then will be able to describe you as my ideal mate.
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