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Living-Foods: Personals: Clean Shaven Handsome Young Man Star *

Id Number002929
Date PostedDec 27, 2002
NameClean Shaven Handsome Young Man Star *
LocationSanta Cruz, California, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
OccupationPhilosopher, Poet, Overseer of charitable non-profit ISLOVE to make Pure Vegan Ecovillages; Infinite Spiritual Super-Hero; etc.
DescriptionClean shaven handsome young man; most beautiful person on planet earth. Spiritual Super-Hero. Vegan pure vegetarian sans doemstic-animals, eschewing/avoiding drugs/alcohol/smoking. Gentle, kindly, caring, compassionate. Quiet yet laughing; meditation yet actively changing world for the better too, both esoterically and thru creativity and good deeds, volunteerism, etc. Overseer of charitable non-profit ISLOVE to make pure vegan ecovillages sans dogs/drugs/tobacco/violence, only all kinds of goodness allowed on the sacred refuge sanctuaries! Virtuous holy-man and affectionate Lover-man to the right pure holy-woman who likes intimacy as well as purity of healthy lifestyle. i'll share more when you email me i'll offer to recite poetry, if you remind me to, when you phone me 831-336-9473 in Santa Cruz county, California USA. Please feel free to call anytime. i can return your calls if you can please try to remember to leave your phone number each time you call and email me. your pure vegan friend, brother Little-Star * Sevadar
HobbiesInner Sound Meditation & Inner Light Meditation via Present Living Teacher of title Sant SatGuru, name' Thakar Singh phone toll free 1-877-meditate. everything to do with food-bearing trees: planting, caring, watering, climbing, gleaning, eating the fruits therefrom, finding lands to live amongst them, etc. Poetry i've written, distribution and reciting thereof. Helping people, naturally. Hiking to nature to camp with a pure veg*n non-smoking girl-friend, preferabbly. going on sacred pilgrimmage touring with Thakar Singh when He visits my continent from overseas India. Inviting other souls to meet Thakar Singh and freely receive his soul-saving Meditation connection freely given. Sharing Affections and intimacies with sweet humble pure healthy lovely young lady friend: this is natural hobby of past/present/future---> may depend on romantic damsel-maidens answering this opportunity offer by emailing me and calling me soon. phone anytime 1-831-336-9473. email me
GoalsSeptember/October 2003 relocate to Hawaii. Join me?! together with "Holy Dream Girl" {she/you may answer this opty by calling and emailing me?!} --- we make pure vegan ecovillages, live on land with fruit/nut trees and edible organic ;landscaping/permaculture etc; and enjoy peace-Loving life free of smokers/tobacco-smoke, dogs/dog-owners and their violent barking/growling. further we co-create infinite possibilities of happy life and being conscious co-workers of the Divine Plan. Intentional community co-creation with pure vegan non-smoking kindred-spirits.
Quote"Sacred Ethical Healthy Way of Life: Vegan/pure-vegetarian sans doemstic-animals, eschewing drugs/alcohol/smoking; honest trustworthiness sans lie-cheat-steal; Peace'n'Love sans violence/threats-of-violence; help make freedom legal and/or plausible again, the right to exist freely on earth possible again, uniting with similar kindred-spirit friends!"
Ideal MateLovely young Lady. Pure healthy lifestyle: Vegan sans doemstic-animals, eschewing drugs/alcohol/smoking. Adventurous enough to at least email me and phone me 831-336-9473 so we can communicate and share more directly together to befriend. and then arrange get together in person, befriending the good ol' fashion' way face to face in quiet nature settings, etc.
ContactClick here to send an email to Clean Shaven Handsome Young Man Star *


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