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Living-Foods: Personals: Dasha

Id Number002914
Date PostedDec 20, 2002
LocationBlaine, WA, Americas
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
HairLight chestnut
EyesEmerald green, sometimes grey, sometimes blue:)
OccupationDriver for a business man, and researcher for environmental projects.
DescriptionI vary very often:) Generally, I am reading, writing, doing research, exchanging information with others or helping others. All useful things. I have also been a yogini for 6 years, am a vegan raw foodist and now live by/for Hindu philosophy. I am also an animal activist, that is what most of my reading, writing, research and exchange of info is about/for.
HobbiesSee goals. Am interested in Breatharianism
GoalsChange the world, abolish animal agriculture, end the sufferinng of human and nonhuman animals alike. I think the one for nonhuman animals is more likely, and that is odd since humans only make up 20% of the species population on earth. If there is a devil, he has no opposition and he lives above the ground and there is 8 million of him. If there is true good knowledge in someone, then positie actions will come easily and negative ones will only come round with much effort. Just to do more and talk less, and have everyone become vegan:)
QuoteI have none, but it is true, circumstaces change, and whatever you used as your response to conflict, or simply to answer a question, it probably is not the same anymore. It is past, let it be passed away.
Ideal MateVegan, animal activist, someone who has embraced faith. He could be anyone or may not exist, if you have goals that consist mainly of helping others without focusing on personal gain, if you live outside yourself, and don't laugh at that thought, if you think we have something important or ultimate in common, contact me.
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