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Living-Foods: Personals: Kate

Id Number002884
Date PostedDec 2, 2002
LocationLewisville, North Carolina, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
DescriptionI am usually kindhearted, adventurous, patient and can be sensitive at times. When I am made aware of things, I am willing and eager to do the work necessary in my life to be pleasing to God. I value life, laughter, learning, liberty, and the love of my Lord. Staying in shape is important to me so I like to exercise and prepare nutritious meals for my family and myself.
Hobbiesmission work, mountain biking, hiking, lifting weights, skiing, reading and many other indoor and out door activities.
Goals1) Eating and preparing 100% raw is a new goal of mine. I lived with a lady for five days that lives the Gen. 1:29 lifestyle in order to help me. 2) I just bought a new mountain bike 3) I would like to learn the guitar 4) Change in career goals
QuoteBen Franklin said, "those who give up essential liberty for safety in the end will get neither liberty nor safety." I will have to work on my own personal quote to submit later.
Ideal MateI want to meet the love of my life. Jesus with skin on. Although I know he will not be perfect like Jesus is. I want to raise children in a happy, healthy, godly home. I am choosy. There was a guy who I was very interested in and well he is married. Therefore, I need this new guy to sweep me off my feet.He should speak the truth in love when necessary, passionate and affectionate. An adventurous spirit can be fun. I like a man who is a good communicator. Mr. Right will have a strong love for God, his brother and his liberty. A man who is courageous and protective of those he loves. He will be willing to stand for what he knows is right, trusting and leaving the results to God. Staying in shape physically, as well as spiritually, and intellectually is commendable. I like a sense of humor, honesty, passion and the ability to show affection or tears when true. It would be a plus if he enjoyed some of the same things as I do. A body of gymnast would be a plus as well :0)
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