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Living-Foods: Personals: Danielle

Id Number002832
Date PostedNov 2, 2002
LocationWinter Park, Florida, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Hairdark brown, curly...
Eyesdark brown
DescriptionWell, I'm my own adjective.. I am me. That's really all there is to it. I'm peculiar, artistic, musical, disoriented, creative... I've been called "gothic" on a few occasions, but I am one of those who believe that lables are made for cans.
HobbiesAside from taking up space until I have proper means of transportation to aquire little green pieces of paper which may be exchanged for goods and services (such as rent for a future apt).. I sing and play the guitar (not bragging, trust me). I'm also an aspiring artist and writer. Cooking, reading, confusing people (not purposly, most of the time), and talking to inanimate objects are also high on my hobbies list.
GoalsIt would always be neat to end up being a rock star, of course... haha. Anyway, I would prefer to end up in a profession that involves A)writing, B)photography, C)graphic design, D)music, or E)All of the above. I also plan on becomming vegan when I have the means to do so. Family and situations, gee willikers.
QuoteQuote? Quotes! "And yet?" "Why? Why would he/she do such a thing?" "Ah geeze..." "It is of doom." "I mock you with my monkey pants!" "Only if you dance with me!" "Party Island of Cuba Rico!" "Grrr..." "What ARE you thinking?!"
Ideal MateI'm not looking for a mate, exactly... more so interesting people to converse with. But if you really must insist on a description, you will have to wait. If I start to describe, I'll get a hand cramp. In short, I like boys =c) "Gothic" clean nice boys are also quite lovely. But I'm open minded (as in type, not gender.. I'm boringly straight).
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