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Living-Foods: Personals: Gregory C. Wilcox

Id Number002726
Date PostedAug 30, 2002
NameGregory C. Wilcox
LocationCandler, NC, US
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
DescriptionI'm 5'10", slim, with brown hair and hazel eyes. I have no children, and have never been married. I like to be outdoors, and I am an avid bicyclist. Lately I have been going on several long rides, and I recently completed my fourth century ride (100 miles in a day). I also enjoy camping, hiking, sailing, skating, and songwriting. Computer programs pay the rent, but my heart is in volunteer activism. Some examples: I am the webmaster for UFETA, Unitarian Universalists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I also participate in various other earth-friendly causes, especially overpopulation issues and species extinction. I like to write, and I hope someday to work as an environmental journalist. I enjoy intelligent conversation, perhaps sprinkled with sardonic wit. For more about me, please see my home page at
HobbiesRoad bicycling, in-line and ice skating, sailing, hiking, reading, computer activism
GoalsTo be able to do a century ride (100 miles in a day) when I'm 90 years old. To find a way to contribute significantly to abating the Earth's environmental problems. To love, and earn the love of, a good-hearted woman.
QuoteIf you want health, peace and tranquility, don't eat animals or animal products. Beware of those who claim to pursue truth, justice, and the American way. Check their facts. Make sure they are dealing in substance and not symbolism. Always tell the truth. For one thing, it's a lot less complicated than lying. Marry for love. It's the only force strong enough to resist all the things that drive people apart. Chip away at mountains. As you work, you may find your tools to be far more powerful than you thought. Avoid war, death, killing, and other horrors (in art as well as life). They will obsess and ultimately consume you. Buy for the long term; never sell. Believe in God. It's a first step toward understanding that He believes in you. People are animals too. Like them, our proper maintenance requires motion and exposure to the elements. Get outside and get moving! Learn to say "I was wrong." Practice it with feeling. It's a skill you will need frequently.
Ideal MateI would prefer to meet a petite single woman who is my age or younger. She should be well educated, whether acquired at university or from experience. Environmental awareness and sensibility are key. Much of our natural world has already been destroyed; she will intuitively sense this. I am not interested in having children, although itís fine if she has some already.
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