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Living-Foods: Personals: Jenna

Id Number002701
Date PostedAug 19, 2002
LocationVancouver, WA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
Occupationstudent/Forestry dept
DescriptionPhysically, I look athletic, because I'm a runner, I'm african-american, and I have shoulder lengthed hair, I'm definitely a people person, I like crowds, and attention, but their's also a side of me that is deep,reserved, and shy. If you ever met me you would probably say "She smile's a lot, because I do. I like to have fun, and I'm kind of a goof off, but I know how to work hard, because I know work is the key to success, I'm a christian and I attend church weekly, I believe in God because I know that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here today, and I know if he loved me, he loves everyone, and so I love people, because I realize my life is a gift from God, and that everyone on this earth is his child.
HobbiesI love God, and attend church weekly, where I sing for my choir, next would most definitely be sports:running, walking, hiking, BASKETBALL,football, soccor, SWIMMING,skiing, I do it, and love it all, I also like to read and write, my favorite book is the bible, becuase it has the most realest life changing stories I have ever read in it, next would be catcher in the rye, and after that ON A PALE HORSE, byPiers Anthony, oh yeah did I mention I dance. I also love to play with my little sister's and brother's and, I also like to help people in general.
GoalsMy future goals include, graduating from college with a degree in the arts, and the science's, playing for the WNBA, owning a juice stand, having a family(in the future), joining the ministry's
QuoteIf one loves something, and is intrigued by something go after it with all one's heart.
Ideal MateMy ideal mate! Wow what a question, they'd be male race is not a characteristic to me, if they like sports that's a plus, hiking, swimming, and camping,a runner. No drugs, no alcohol, but lot's of raw food. sensitive, nice, funny, intelligent,has goals, fun,enjoys reading and writing, believe's in GOD, this one thing covers it all,
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