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Living-Foods: Personals: Sarah

Id Number002688
Date PostedAug 13, 2002
LocationPullman, WA, United States
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
OccupationReceptionist/ Student
DescriptionI am outgoing and social, but just like everyone else I can be shy in some situations. I like to think of myself as having a positive outlook & function best in a slightly stressful environment. I am pretty motivated when somethings important to me, but don't stress things I can't change.
HobbiesI like everything, nearly. I just went llama packing up in the Okanogan forest this weekend & climbed Martin Peak, that was a blast. Two friends and I hiked 7 miles in & out, I'm sore, I admit it. I've rock climbed too this summer, swam at the lake a bunch. I went to a Rodeo, but that's more of a family thing. I like just hanging out with friends too. I love art & won't pass up a chance to check out a museum. I went to the Warped Tour this summer, total blast also. I love all kinds of music..what else.. what else? I'm sure their's more, but I wouldn't want to drone on.
GoalsI'm going to WSU right now. After my second year I might transer just for a change of scene. After I get my bachelors I'm going into the Peace Corps(I've wanted to since I was in 2nd grade)After that I want to live in the city for a while(Probably Seattle). Then I'm going to "sample the job market" and explore what there is to do in the world.
QuoteEveryone has their own hopes, dreams and opinions and they are doing the best they can to accomplish them. Everyone has a different way to reaching these goals and isn't really out to hurt or get in the way of others.
Ideal MateHmmm, they'd have to be intelligent & be good conversationalists. I'm not into long car trips with a person I can't talk to. They gotta be funny & have a sense of humor. Generally attractive and well groomed would be nice as well. They'd have to be active and open to new things and ideas.
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