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Living-Foods: Personals: karl irish

Id Number002657
Date PostedAug 1, 2002
Namekarl irish
Locationwhittier, ca, usa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Descriptionintelligent, dreamy, moody (i try hard not to be a diva or bitchy or mopey. sometimes i fail) caring, patient, benevolent, empathetic. i'm contradictory. i'm confusing. it takes a while to get used to how i operate. i'm the type of person that even strange people will say i'm strange. many times i feel lonely and alienated, especially after i've had a night of fun but then i sit in the quiet room alone and wonder if what happened really happened. i live in the moment, the past becomes acient history for me almost instantaneously. i'm forgetful, absent-minded. i play my guitar hours out of each day. my biggest wish is to be a travelling music man.
Hobbiesplaying guitar, writing, yoga, reading
Goalsbe a professional musician and writer
Quoteit would be a pleasure to meet you
Ideal Matethe first things i think of are physical qualities so if that makes me shallow so be it. first off she (yes, i'm heterosexual) would be fit, meaning she'd be into exercising and not overweight, and that doesn't necessarily mean being a size 2 either. she would have long naturally curly hair, i call it medusa hair. she'd be intelligent, optimistic. i am easily susceptible to other people's emotions. down people bring me down, up people bring me up. cheerful energy is good. but i like someone who is also thoughtful and feels the depth and subtlety of things. an artistic woman is good because it matches me, so we could write poems back and forth to each other or collaborate on a song we could sing and play together. i like an outdoors type of girl who would drag me out because though i think a lot of how i'd like to go to the beach or other cool paces i rarely do so. also she would have a good group of friends, both male and female, that she'd want to remain in contact with and not just throw herself singularly to me . also she'd be supportive of me trying to make my band go somewhere beyond playing locally. and she'd want to have sex at least once a day. what i've said doesn't cover all i would find ideal, and it might not be the most important traits or in the correct order of priority. this is just off the top of my head at this moment in time.
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