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Living-Foods: Personals: SparxX

Id Number002581
Date PostedJun 16, 2002
LocationOakland, California, United States of America
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
Occupationoffice clerk =)
Descriptionhmmm, i am male - in excellent shape that loves to learn, dance & love =P
Hobbiestechnology, ambient music, logic, science, art & writing =)
Goals2013 - ASCENSION / the birth of the star-beings & the arrival of ARYAS =)
Quotewe are what we eat - thus, our essence is the reflection of what we allow into our bodies. true beauty vibrates with eternal life, one attainable only from fruit bearing seed - uncooked, cleansed &/or juiced. this is the diet of the Aryan being - a diet of necessity, not luxury; animal flesh, cooked &/or artificial reagents & dairy are forbidden within the new order as such un-favored attributes create elements of degeneration.
Ideal Matei am searching for a girl that's spunky & filled with life - someone youthful, elegant, pretty but most important - nice; a girl that can love without playing childish games of jealousy, fear & can comminucate directly & honestly. companionship is something many look for...what are the basic elements of our existence? food, shelter & sex come to mind & to live harmoniously with the cosmic currents by instilling a love not practiced since our last golden is time to eliminate the curse of our forefathers by perfecting our body, mind & spirit...the juice of living foods holds the key - liberating our sexuality holds another, but most importantly - existing without fear within our hearts, there lies the true battle. what this all boils down to is this - i seek another that desires this challenge & together we can move mountains & bring enlightenment to our sight... i state this in great honor & envy - the beauty of a woman is an amazing thing, though many do not realize that true beauty shines beyond from within & no amount of cosmetic could ever match pure vibrance of the spirit...natural beauty, can such a thing still exist? i wonder, in a land of shadows - very few shine...are you such a being? physical beauty, there is such a myriad that i find breathtaking - i can never pinpoint, only speculate...blonde hair & blue eye or perhaps fiery red with sapphire or emerald =. ultimately, i'll say just someone that cares for themselves & treats their body, mind & spirit as a temple of clarity...most important, i seek someone with the spark of awakening on all levels that honors the words i state here this day.
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