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Living-Foods: Personals: Angelo F. Dinoto

Id Number002498
Date PostedMay 4, 2002
NameAngelo F. Dinoto
LocationKula, HI, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Eyesdark brown
DescriptionI am 49 going on 23 wondering what will be the next curve ball this world has to present to me. I am a very easy to get along with person because I am happy will all of what I have in the moment. I feel my consciousness in my great wealth and no one or no thing can take that away from me. The rest starting outward from my mind, intelligence, ego, body and possesions come and go from moment to moment, life to life. In this life I am best qualified as an artist and have sought to exploit that as much as possible to satisfy my needs. I am happily very healthy and thankfully residing in a very attractive lean, muscular, yogi type body. I am honest and at the same time enjoy being a rebel with a good cause. I lived the life of a celebate monk from 22-35, that satisfied my early desires to understand from the get go "What's it all about Alfie?" I also desired to live in a community where love was the main ingredient. Although love was the pretext of the community the application was a little lacking. Never-the-less to understand from a literal sense what is unconditional love has set me on a path to realize it in my own life. I can go on about all of this .......... but otherwise I like to have as much fun as possible ....... after all that is my nature (my spiritual essence me) , a pleasure seeker. Pleasure is who we are. So to keep that in the forefront in all that I do has allowed me to not get too caught up in all of the ugly messes that can be found (if your looking for them) in this world. I have learned to hear others feelings and encourage them to go deeper into them to totally experience feelings. I am a very helpful sort and am learning to not neglect myself in honoring others needs. I have traveled more than most not having lived in one place for more than three years since I was 18. After living on Oahu in '85 I traveled the US and then lived in Europe for 6 years and became an Italian citizen (I am Sicilian/Irish). And then India for a solid year on a photographic junket. Yet of all the places that I traveled Hawaii had me clinched hands down in my heart as the best place on Earth. I have abilities in many fields other than my profession i.e. accounting, carpentry, computer tech, advertising, writing, copy editor, etc.. I am a quick study with abilities in math, science and logic. I love philosophy. I can befriend anyone even someone trying to attack me. I understand how to connect w/the soul. I hear & feel people's feelings yet do not take them personally. I love the light and seek to know more of the dark side. Of all beings beside humans, I love birds of all birds I love the hawks. I love birds because they are able to survive the elements and are extremely beautiful in every way. The hawks I love the most because they can fly so high and see so sharply and fly with pin point precision.
HobbiesMy favorite hobby of all time is traveling. Then there is nude sunbathing. I also enjoy having fun with my knowledge of physiognomy (face reading) at parties or in my day to day. I have found my knowledge of physiognomy quite helpful on numerous occasions. Also observing all of the intricasies of wide wide world of nature. I enjoy lots of inner pleasure simply observing people and their ways. As an artist every line, curve, color, tint, shade and placement becomes a moment to moment meditation. I also enjoy playing hand drums. I have a classical Indian drum called a mrdunga that I play quite often and sing sanskrit and bengali melodies of devotional songs. Gardening is also a favorite activity being part of saving a rejected plant and watching it grow and flower when it was destined for the land fill. Observing life and living life for the most fun possible at every moment has to be an overidding "hobby". I am always ready for any activity. Body surfing expert. Snorkleing, Cycling, Watching Films, Hiking, Dancing, whatever. Although I don't cook anymore I used to make the best damn pizza from scratch. My father trained me up. Etc..
GoalsTo become sought after internationally for my ability as a photographer/videographer. And to create fantastic surrealistic, erotic landscape oil paintings. Continue with impeccable health, and turn a small water tank that sits below my water tower into a fire heated hot tub surrounded by the pines and the groves of bird of paradise flowers.
QuoteI don't have a personal quote but if I were to think of one hear in the moment I would say......fashioned after the Harley crowd (of which I once belonged as an owner of a 883 saffron colored Sportster)....."Live to enjoy, Enjoy to live"
Ideal MateMy ideal mate .........Is an elegant, languid, intelligent, sensuous, adventurous, independant, lean, physical, erotic-exotic, sparkle-eyed, healthy, wealthy and wise woman, that loves to let her hair down at any and all times, for frolicking in the lush forests of junglmania. To be able to be a highly polished conservative poof or to be a savage princess. A provocative dresser that flaunts her figure and makes others (incl. me) happy simply by wearing beautiful clothes. A woman that knows how to survive the deserted island, and the blistering knuckle-busting frozen winds, and the scalding heat of the bone-dry desert sun. And be able to dress in the most captivating clothing whether it is a lacey see through full length gown that trails behind you several feet accentuating your frailty and tender sweet qualities; or it's clothed in a survival outfit to bear the brunt of the surroundings but attired in a way that sets you apart from all, in a unique and scrumptuous way. A woman that enjoys her feelings sad or jubilant and enjoys sharing them with me. This is a very important aspect of any relationship and the communication between my ideal mate and myself is the crucial point. All feelings must be heard no matter what time of day or night. I have learned and continue to learn this skill; and putting myself into a future relationship logically follows that hearing my mates feelings has to be one of the most important features of the relationship. Until (you as) the flower unfolds I will not be able to fully inhale your nectarian self completely. And that nectar is what I seek.
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