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Living-Foods: Personals: Suzanna

Id Number002482
Date PostedApr 26, 2002
LocationBoston, MA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 2in.
HairLight Brown
OccupationArt Teacher
DescriptionI am a radiant exuberant 43 year old woman who loves life and lives life to the fullest. I am an artist so creativity runs through my blood. I can entertain myself endlessly with my own thoughts. I am a different kind of a woman in many ways. I am sensuous and exotic. I am very feminine yet I know how to use a hammer and a saw and not afraid of getting dirty! Because I never ask the man in my life for help fixing that squeaky door or taking out the trash - he will usually jump up and race to beat me to it - knowing I will always lavish my hero with praise and adoration for his manly assistance. ;) I can be daring at times and I have my own unique sense of style. I am curious by nature and love to learn about all kinds of things. I don't follow anyone else's rules. I find life to be more fun and rewarding when I make up my own rules. I can be a little bit quirky yet very traditional in many ways. I am sincere, sensitive (cry easily - but I do not fall apart :)), caring, compassionate and very intuitive. I am elegant and classy but also sometimes silly! I am outgoing but sometimes shy in certain situations. I've done a lot of personal transformational work- reading, seminars, health retreats, writing my own book -called "Living Exuberantly"... the path never ends and I love it! I am hoping to meet a partner who is equally committed to living and creating the best life possible - no holds barred! I have a beautiful 12 year old daughter who lives with me during the week - and spends weekends with her Dad. I am physically fit and work out at a gym. I'm petite- 5' 2" - 125 lbs. I am a health conscious person - I eat 95% vegan and raw foods - with an occasional splurge when sharing a meal with others. I am a hopeless romantic - except for moonlit walks on the beach - I hate the beach and I'd rather do something more creative when the moon is out! I'm also a bit old fashioned when it comes to dating. P.S. I have written my own personal instruction manual for men wishing to date me - customized to explain the way my mind works - with the hope of eliminating any of the confusion men have claimed to experience when dealing with the often seemingly capricious and perplexing ways of the female psyche with regard to the early dating period. I want you to know how much I acknowledge all of you men for the difficulties you face being the man and the decision maker in many parts of the dating game (and in life!). Also, I acknowledge you men for taking yourself out on a limb every time you make yourself vulnerable to the unpredictable and sometimes seemingly mysterious ways of the female being. I promise to try my best to make the journey a bit easier for you if you choose to venture out on the same road with me. I hope my personal instruction manual delivers the beginning of that promise. be e-mailed after we talk on the phone and considered required reading for any man before our first meeting! :) I'd love to read any of your thoughts or concerns on dating!
HobbiesI love skiing, ice skating (speed skating), mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing (trying to learn fly fishing), and traveling around the US in a truck and camping along the way. If there is something that the man in my life likes to do - I will usually try it. I love thinking of new and creative ways to spoil the man in my life and to never stop surprising him with ????? I'm a sculptor and I create other types of artwork. I do lots of interesting things with food. I collect antique teacups and glass, I love to read, I do a little bit of photography, web design, woodworking... I love renting old movies. I love going out dancing or getting dressed up for a night on the town as much as I love staying in and being cozy on the couch with the man in my life - sharing stimulating conversation over a glass of good red wine.
GoalsTo have more land to plant a bigger garden. To be creating more art than I am right now.
QuoteFavorite Quote: "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." ----- Charles Schulz
Ideal Mate I am interested in meeting a gentleman who can appreciate being worshipped and adored and treated like the most important man in the world - in the way that only the very smart woman in his life knows how to treat him. He is physically fit and conscientious about his health however, he will love the gourmet meals I prepare for him. He will often say -"Oh - you are just too good to me. I am such a lucky man!" He will love entertaining me with his stories and all the endless and fascinating details of his day. He knows how to make me laugh and does so often. He is the kind of guy who knows how to really kiss a woman and he knows how much I love this so he does this often as well. He will love the way I touch him and run my fingers through his hair while he is talking. He is comfortable being around my womanly ways of being and thinking and does not ever want me to change. The reason being - he is a VERY intelligent man. Also, because he is so confident and comfortable with himself, he savors all of our feminine/masculine differences. He will choose me to be the woman in his life to worship and adore because I am equally committed to creating a passionate and intimate life together and we both know what it takes to keep the fire burning!
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